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How To Export Ukazi Leaves From Nigeria

Ukazi leaves botanically known as Gnetum Africanum, is a highly medicinal green vegetable plant popularly used for cooking delicious soups and other dishes in the South Eastern part of Nigeria.

Ukazi leaves is also known as Afang by the Ibibios and Efiks people of the South-South region of Nigeria, in other African countries like Cameroon it is known as eru, okok, mfumbua or fumbua, koko in Angola, Gabon and Central African Republic.


Procedure for Ukazi Leaves export From Nigeria


Apart from the local consumption of this vegetable, there’s also a very high demand for Ukazi leaves by Nigerians and other Africans residing in countries like United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Europe and Asia etc.

The export of Ukazi leaves and other green leave vegetables like Uge leave and Bitter leave from Nigeria is a great opportunity for farmers and individuals in the country to make steady income in foreign currency.



Fresh and dried Ukazi leaves are wildly available in Nigeria and it’s sold for around N2000 per bunch in the Market while abroad it’s sold for $10 per 25g.
To export Ukazi leaves, it’s advisable to buy at cheap rate from farmers, but if you don’t any that farms Ukazi leaves around you can simply buy from any major food market in your area.
After buying the leaves, make sure it’s well cleaned and then packaged the Ukazi leaves in 25 grams 50 grams, 100grams, 1 kg, 2 kg 5 kg packs for export abroad.

You can earn regular income in foreign currencies from the export of Fresh or dried Ukazi leaves Export Nigeria, just imagine how much profit you stand to make in Dollars if you get a supply contract from abroad to export one ton or more from Nigeria at the rate of say $10 per 25g.




To enable you start and make money from Ukazi leaves export business in Nigeria, you need to get more information on the following.

How to Contact foreign buyers of Nigeria Ukazi.

How to get foreign buyers of to sign export contract with you.
How to contact of local exporters in Nigeria.
How to make money from export brokerage business right in your room without capital.

Where to source for cheap Ukazi leaves in Nigeria.

How to Process Ukazi leaves for Export

Method of payment recognized in export business.

Ukazi leaves Export business documentation required.

How To Obtain Export License from the Nigerian export promotion council (NEPC)
How To Register with the Nigerian Agricultural Quarantine Service (NAQS)
These and many more information I have packaged in a pdf manual to enable you start Ukazi leave export business from Nigeria easily.
To order a copy of the PDF manual on Ukazi leaves export, please pay the sum of N5000 only to any Gtbank Nigeria branch close to you. (Or use USSD bank Transfer code payment method).
A/C. Number: 001-030-8742, A/C name : Ojo Otaru and after payment please text me your name, indicate the title of export manual you want to purchase and your e-mail address to 08081632025. On receiving your text message a copy of the Ukazi export business manual (PDF) will be immediately sent to your email inbox.
Thanks and Remain Blessed.

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