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How To Change Domain Name without Losing Traffic – Simple Guide

Are you planning a website domain name change to reflect your current business name or rebranding effort but your fear is that your business website will lose all search engine traffic, good SEO and the numerous external links built over the years?

If you say Yes to the above question, then my reply you is don’t be afraid because I have passed through such a fearful situation before but I later made up mind to change to a new website domain name ( and I was able to do it easily without lose of old domain name ( links, traffic and SEO effort.

Changing Domain Name without Losing Traffic – Simple Step by Step Guide

To begin the domain name change for your website and redirecting old domain name traffic to the new domain name, please follow the step by step guide below.

Step 1 : Change Old domain name to new domain name via website hosting account Cpanel.

To avoid messing up your website traffic, If you are not a tech savvy, I advice you contact Namecheap or your website hosting company for technical support.

Step 2:  Log on To Namecheap Account Dashboard To Start Redirect

*After log in to Namecheap Account dashboard, please select the old domain name and click on MANAGE to add old domain name to Namecheap host server if not on Namecheap.

*Click on Domain, afterwards on NAMESERVERS to add old domain name to Namecheap host servers and select (Nameservers Web Hos )as shown in the snapshot below.

*After adding  ( Nameservers Web Hos ) you save the setting.

Step 3: Add Old Domain Name to Namecheap Host Cpanel

Log on to Cpanel on Namecheap, Click Domain button, Find ADDON DOMAIN, after that create an addon domain by adding your old domain name details to a Namecheap hosting server.

*Click on ADDON DOMAINS on Cpanel and create addon domain for your old domain name as shown in the snapshot below.

* After adding the old domain details click Add Domain to save.

Step 4: Wild Card Redirect of Old Domain Name To New Domain Name

A Wild Card redirect will help redirect all website traffic from old posts links , Page links, backlinks, search engine and 301 error pages to the new domain name.

  • While still on the Domain section of Namecheap host Cpanel, please Click on Redirects button as shown in the snapshot below.
  • Input your redirect details as shown in the Redirects form below please enable the Wild Card Redircts button and click Add to save.

Step 5:  Change all internal links of old domain name to the new domain name.

If your business website is on WordPress, it’s very easy to change all internal links within post, pages, image URL of the old domain name to the new domain name. This can be achieved by installing and using Velvet Blue Update URLs Worpress plugin to edit and change all internal links automatically.

Step 6 : Inform Google and Bing Search Engine About Domain Name Change.

Telling Google and Bing search engine about domain change is very important because it helps to quicken index your new domain name. To inform the two search giant please the links placed below

Change of Address Tool (Google)

Site Move Tool (Bing)


I’m very sure if you follow all the steps listed above on How To Change Domain Name without Losing Traffic – Simple Guide, you will begin to see the old domain name external links redirecting to the new domain name and that fear of you losing all your old domain name traffic will be laid to rest.