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How to Start a Profitable Fruit Juice Production Business In Nigeria – Ease Steps

Are you here searching for some ideas on how to start a fruit juice production business in Nigeria?

If yes is your answer, then I will say don’t look to far because in this article I will be guiding you step by step on how to start a profitable fruit juice production business in Nigeria.

Fruit juice production consists of the process of extracting the juicy content from edible fruits to packaging and selling of the final product to consumers.

According to a recent survey, more than 50% of the Nigeria population consumes fruit juice on daily basis at home, hotels and in special occasions like birthdays, weddings, naming ceremonies, house warming parties etc; this is because fruit juice contains lots of Vitamins and minerals that are highly beneficial to the human body.

With the above I believe now you know why fruit juice companies in Nigeria like Chivita, Coca Cola, UAC, Leventis Foods continuously smile to the bank with billions of dollars as annual profit.

Interested investor should please take note that apart from the high consumption of fruit juice in the country, the main raw material (Fruits) used for the production in Nigeria is widely available and relatively cheap to buy.

To start a profitable fruit juice production in business here are the important requirements and steps to follow.

Start Profitable Fruit Juice Production Business In Nigeria


STEP ONEBusiness Plan Required

Before starting your fruit juice production business in Nigeria, it’s necessary you write a comprehensive business plan that will guide to success in the business. Your Fruit juice production business plan should contain all the action plans necessary for you to succeed in the business such as financial plan, production plan and marketing plans etc.

A detailed business plan for the fruit juice production business, will also aid you when seeking for business loan from banks and other financial institutions. So if can’t write a business plan please secure the services of an expert.


STEP TWO: Business and NAFDAC registration Required

The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) business registration, SON, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environmental protection and NAFDAC Approval for your fruit juice production business in Nigeria is very important if you want to be on right side of the law of the country.

Please endeavor to get all the necessary government approval for your business because failure to register your business with CAC and failure to get NAFDAC approval automatically means you are doing an illegal business or production fake products as far the Nigeria business law is concerned.

STEP THREE: Startup Capital Required

Though fruit juice production business in Nigeria is capital intensive but the cost of setup depends largely on the installed daily production capacity of the factory. With about N350,000, one can start a home base fruit juice production business in Nigeria while the cost of setting up a medium and large scale fruit juice factory ranges between N10m to about N120 million. If you don’t have such amount of money as startup capital for your fruit juices business, you can take advantage of the BANK OF INDUSTRY BUSINESS LOAN OPPORTUNITIES

STEP FOURMachinery/Equipment Required

Whether you are setting up a home base or large scale fruit juice production business in Nigeria, you will definitely need some machinery or equipment to carry out the production processes that are involved. Below is a list of the machineries and equipments needed in the setup and production of fruit juice.

Liquid Filling machine

Stainless Tank for Fruit blending

Cutting boards

Electricity generator (standby power supply)

Filter Press


Stainless Tank for washing the fruits

Fruit Extractor



Water containers etc

Fruit Juice filling machine

Conveyor line

Water Treatment Plant

Pallet Trucks (moving heavy raw materials and finished goods within the factory)


STEP FIVERaw Materials Required

Some of the essential fruits used for making natural fruit juice includes Oranges, Lemon, Lime, Pineapple, Paw Paw, Mangoes, and Guava, are widely available in Nigeria all you need is know which of the them you want to use and go sourcing for it.

STEP SIXLocating your Business

The success and failure of your fruit juice production business in Nigeria depends largely on the location of your fruit juice factory. I will advice that when searching for a location to site your fruit juice business in Nigeria, you should consider the factory’s nearness to raw materials as well as its closeness to your target market. These two factors nearness to raw materials and target market will ease the issue of transportation cost tremendously and also save you time and money.

STEP SEVENProduction Process

Below is the step by step production process for a home based fruit juice.

Carefully select the type’s fruits to be juiced

Wash well, precisely cut and put them in a blender

Blend the cut fruits for a few minutes till it turns to paste (thick liquid)

Pour the thick liquid out into a container and add flavours and preservative if necessary

Blend again for about 3minutes

After it has been well blended, pour the liquid into a container, sieve it, afterwards package in pet bottles and refrigerate it.

STEP EIGHT: Packaging Materials Required

Below are some of the packaging materials needed

Pet bottles

Tetra packs

Shrink rappers

Corrugated cartons

Ink coding machine

STEP NINE: Sales and Marketing

After the production and packaging of your fruit juice, the step is market/sell to consumers and in return makes some profits.

So reach your target customers there’s need to put in place effective distribution and marketing system for your product.

To make sales you will have create a serious public awareness by placing advertisements in Newspapers, Radio/TV and online social media platforms. Through these mediums you will be able to reach targeted consumers and the general public at large.


Having gone through this article, I believe you now know the basic requirements for setting up a profitable fruit juice production business in Nigeria. I’m very sure you will go ahead to put all you have learnt to practice so you can start making some cool cash from fruit juice production in Nigeria.

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