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List of CBN Approved Mortgage Banks In Nigeria

Are you searching for a mortgage bank or mortgage institutions in Nigeria to assist you with housing loans, loan to build a house, buy a house or start a real estate development business in the country? mortgage loans

If yes, then keep reading because in this post I have a list of Central bank of Nigeria (CBN) approved mortgage banks or mortgage institutions in Nigeria.

Below are the CBN approved Mortgage Banks in Nigeria that you can access the National Housing Scheme (NHS) loan from:

1.Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank Plc

The Leading Primary Mortgage Bank in Nigeria. We provide seamless mortgage experience at affordable Rates.

2. Platinum Mortgage Bank Ltd

Platinum Mortgage Bank Ltd is one of Nigeria’s leading primary Mortgage Institution in Nigeria, committed to improving the welfare of Nigerians through the provision of efficient, stress-free and quality house delivery services at affordable cost.

3. Abbey Building Society Plc

ABBEY is one of the best Primary Mortgage Institutions in Nigeria, with over 27 years of experience providing mortgages for both individuals and corporate organizations.

4. First Trust Mortgage Bank Plc

FBN Mortgages Limited is a financial services company based out of Lagos, Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria.

5. Mutual Alliance Savings & Loans

Mutual Alliance Mortgage Bank intend to continue to provide the full range of Mortgage and Getting Mortgage Loans And Payment Plans In Nigeria

6. Nigeria Police Mortgage Bank

Nigeria Police Mortgage Bank Plc is a registered and licensed Primary Mortgage Institution (PMI) by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)

7. Delta Trust Mortgage Bank Ltd

Delta Trust Mortgage Bank Ltd is a Primary Mortgage Bank wholly owned by Delta State Government.The Bank was incorporated in 1998 to carry out Mortgage banking services.

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8. Jigawa Savings & Loans

Jigawa Saving and Loans Limited is a primary mortgage bank that was licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to execute mortgage banking services.

9. City Code Savings & Loans Limited

CityCode Mortgage Bank Limited provides mortgage loans and numerous financial services in Nigeria.

10. AG Homes Savings & Loans Limited

AG Homes Savings & Loans Plc is one of the BEST Primary Mortgage Institutions (PMIs) in Nigeria.

11. Omolabi Mortgage Bank Limited

Omoluabi Mortgage Bank PLC offers residential and commercial mortgage financing services in Nigeria.

12. Lagos Building Investment Company Plc

Lagos Building Investment Company Plc (LBIC) was established as a Corporate entity on the 14th of Febuary 1980 with the aim of providing Mortgage Finance services in Nigeria.

13. Brent Mortgage Bank Limited

Brent Mortgage Bank Limited offers residential mortgages and also assist subscribers of Nigeria Housing Funds(NHF) to access residential facilities.

14. Gateway Mortgage Bank Ltd

Gateway Mortgage Bank understand that everyone likes to bank a different way. So we have made available a variety of easy and secure ways to manage your.

15. FHA Homes Savings & Loans Ltd

FHA means – Federal Housing Authority (Nigeria). FHA Mortgage Bank Ltd is a financial organization that specializes into loans, mortgages, investment,

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