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Price List Of Bakery Equipment In Nigeria

One important requirement for bread making business setup in Nigeria is the need to acquire quality bakery equipment and machineries at affordable cost.

Price List Of Bakery Equipment In Nigeria

To know the important equipment and machines needed to start breading making business in Nigeria, I have listed below names of all necessary bread making or bakery equipment and their possible price list in Nigeria.

Price List Of Bakery Equipment In Nigeria

Name of Bakery Equipment                    Price Range (N)
1 Spiral Mixer                                         N300, 000- N1.5million
2. Industrial Oven                                    N500,000 – N5million
3 Bread Proofer                                        N300,000 – N2million
4. Dough divider                                      N100,000 – N3million
5. Dough Sheeter                                      N900,000 -N3million
6. Bread Slicer                                          N300,000 – N400,000
7. Bakery weighing scale                         N30,000 – N50,000
8. Bread pan                                              N3,000 – N25,000
9. Bakery pan trolley                                 N100,000 -N180,000
10. Steel working table                              N45,000 – N150,000
11 Dough Molder                                      N750,000 – N2m

With the above list for bakery equipment/machines and their price list, I believe you should be able to bargain price with sellers of bakery equipment and thus setting up your bakery business in Nigeria becomes very ease.

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