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FBNInsurance Inaugurates Health Plan

FBNInsurance Limited has said it has launched a health insurance product called SmartHealth International.

A statement titled ‘FBNInsurance hosts brokers, introduces SmartHealth International plan’ on Sunday said it was introduced recently when it held its second brokers’ forum.

It stated that the forum was attended by over 30 top ranking insurance brokers as well as executive members of FBNInsurance and the healthcare solution provider, Collinson, that partnered with it to develop the product.

While speaking at the forum, the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, FBNInsurance, Val Ojumah, stated that the company had, over the years, given thought to bridging the gap in the nation’s health sector due to the inherent high cost and limited access to medical facilities by the average Nigerian.

“To this end, we decided to partner an outstanding healthcare provider, Collinson, with over 30 years’ experience, to develop a flexible health insurance solution that provides an end-to-end high-quality service both in Nigeria and internationally,” he stated.

SmartHealth International, according to Ojumah, is a market specific and National Insurance Commission approved healthcare product, designed to complement local healthcare cover by providing cover for employees and their families with affordable international healthcare.


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