The N50 billion, Nigeria Export Development Fund is a pre-shipment incentive aimed at preparing, facilitating and supporting exporters to penetrate the global market. The incentive is available for existing exporters and potential exporters. It also provides support for product development and access to international markets. Other activities covered by EDF are follows:

providing export promotion training’s / seminars / symposia and workshops;
supporting exposure via participation in trade missions, buyer-oriented activities, overseas trade fairs, exhibitions and sales promotion;
financially supporting collection of trade information;
providing logistics support;
Supporting advertising and publicity campaigns in foreign markets;
Supporting export market research and studies in foreign countries and;
Product design and consultancy.
Guidelines & procedures
The following are the guidelines for accessing EDF:

Registration with NEPC;
The operations of the company must be in Nigeria with at least 80% Nigerian equity;
Products or services offered must be of Nigerian origin

How to apply?
If you meet the criteria above, you may apply and request for the EDF by filling the EDF Application Form. Ensure that the following document are also attached to the application:

Certificate of Incorporation
NEPC exporters’ certification
Tax clearance certificate (if applicable)
Audited Financial Statements (for 1 year; if applicable)
Current Management Account & Projected Financial Statements (for new companies)
Completed Application form with its supporting document can be sent to the nearest NEPC office. Please check the local offices page for details

Service timeline
Application closes a month after advert placement

Fees & charges
Application for the EDF is free of any charges.

For further inquiries on the EDF, please use our contact form or via the live chat (available during working hours).                                                  Apply HERE