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List Of Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in USA

Below is the list of Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in the USA 2021

State Farm
American Family
In addition to the average annual rates from each car insurance company, the study utilizes different driver profiles to help consumers determine what they might pay for car insurance. An individual’s credit score can have a significant effect on auto insurance rates. The average annual cost for a driver with good credit is just $1,311, while a driver with poor credit pays nearly 70% more, with an annual premium of $2,227.

Similarly, having a poor driving history can substantially increase rates. For a driver with a DUI conviction, the average rate among the companies in the study is $2,112, which is nearly $800 more than the average rate of those with a clean driving record.

To get comparative insurance rates for this study, U.S. News worked with Quadrant Information Services to analyze a report of insurance rates in all 50 states from nine of the largest national car insurance companies, though not every company operates in every state. Quadrant obtained publicly available rate data that car insurers file with state regulators. Our study rates are based on profiles for both male and female drivers aged 25, 35 and 60 who drive an average of 6,000 or 12,000 miles per year. Vehicles used include the 2015 Honda Civic, 2015 Toyota RAV4 and 2015 Ford F-150. Three car insurance coverage levels were used, as were credit tiers of good, fair and poor. Clean driving records and records with one accident, one speeding violation and one DUI were also used in the calculations of certain driver archetypes. – pm

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