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6 Great Things About USAA Auto Insurance

It can seem on the surface that one auto insurance company is not much different than the next. However, just a little digging can reveal some of the advantages that set USAA apart. Every driver in the US needs auto insurance, but deciding which company offers the best policies can be difficult.

People new to auto insurance and even those driving for years must do their homework when looking for an insurer. They may all seem the same. With a little due diligence, though, a driver can find good coverage and better discounts.

More and more people are feeling dissatisfied with their current auto insurance. They are ready for something new that better meets their needs. USAA can be a solid choice. Here are five great things buyers should know about the USAA auto insurance.


Dedicated to Military Members

Military members got together to establish USAA almost 100 years ago. Today, the company continues to create products and services that work with the needs of active-duty and veteran military members and their families. 

USAA has two discounts available to meet the unique needs of the members of the military. It offers a deep discount of up to 60 percent for vehicle storage of an insured vehicle. This benefit is helpful when a policyholder gets deployment out of the country.


Another amazing military benefit is a discount for parking an insured vehicle in a garage on a military installation. Many USAA policyholders are on active duty, so the company offers those who live on a military base a discount of up to 15 percent when they store their cars inside a garage.

Excellent Ratings

An auto insurance company with great prices can still turn into a liability if the customer service isn’t good. USAA has an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau. Plus, surveys consistently rate USAA high in customer satisfaction and claim resolution across the country.

USAA also gets high marks for its financial stability. AM Best rates companies in the insurance industry based on their financial strength, and USAA has an A++ rating. This is important to policyholders because a financially strong company can back its policies and ensure people get the payouts their policies are for.

Excellent Rates

Car insurance rates vary widely depending on where the policyholder lives. It can be more expensive to live and work in urban areas because of heightened risk. Rates can also vary depending on the state the policyholder lives in.

USAA offers competitive pricing in all 50 states. In fact, USAA is often the most economical choice. For instance, Florida has some of the highest auto insurance prices in the country, but USAA can offer the best pricing for many people there. It also offers many discounts that can give policyholders full and affordable coverage.

Lots of Discounts

Like many other auto insurance companies, USAA offers many policy discounts. Policyholders can expect better pricing if they have good credit and a clean driving record, but they can still get some great discounts even if they don’t. Some of the discounts USAA provides include:

  • Driver training course discount
  • New vehicle discount
  • Family discount
  • Multi-policy discount
  • Vehicle storage and military installation discount

People can stack multiple discounts on their policy and end up with a fantastic price for the level of coverage they want and need. And as things change, updating the policyholder’s information could bring the cost down even further. 

Not Just for Active Duty

Many people think that USAA is only for active-duty military, but the military’s family members and children can also join. With more than 13 million members, USAA continues to expand. It offers auto insurance not just to the military on active duty but also to honorably discharged service members, their spouses, families, and children.

A Smart Choice for Many

Shopping for auto insurance can seem daunting. At first glance, it can be hard to tell the difference between one company and another, or a buyer might think it doesn’t matter because they all offer the same thing. However, USAA has proven that all auto insurance companies are not alike. It offers a unique perspective and a lot of outstanding services to its policyholders.

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