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12 Unique Ideas for Fundraising Events that Work

Do you want to raise funds with the help of an event? It can be an association, club or a non-profit for which you are interested in raising funds. The traditional campaigns can be organized for the purpose of raising funds. If you use a standard fundraiser then it is very good. Here are the 12 unique ideas for fundraising events that work.

  1. A competition of cooking – You can organize a cooking competition for your attendees as well as for fundraisers. Here several dishes will be prepared by everyone and then each and every dish will be tasted by everyone. Then they will decide who has prepared the best dish. If in this event someone donates more money then offering him a good incentive will be a good idea.
  2. Tea in the afternoon – By organizing a tea in the afternoon you can host a fundraising event. Here after paying the fee for entry, the attendees can come after getting dressed well. The attendees can drink tea and relax. In this event snacks, fine china and elegant cutlery can be prepared.
  3. Go for a movie at night – You can invite your family and friends to an event for raising funds where you will make arrangements of watching a movie at night at an auditorium or at a park. There you can discuss your requirement of raising funds and can take the help of the networks of your family and friends.
  4. Go for a scavenger hunt – In order to raise funds, you can organize a scavenger hunt. Here the participants need to perform the task of finding and collecting items. Every participant needs to have a garbage bag, a paper, a pen and a camera. If after exploring the city more recyclables and trash are collected by someone then assigning him bonus points will be a good idea.
  5. Host an event of playing video games – If you take interest in creating a page for raising funds then you can make arrangements where people after signing up can take part in gaming in the evening. While playing games in the evening the donations can also be given with full excitement.
  6. An art auction that is constructed creatively – You can organize an event for raising funds where by making the use of recyclables a number of masterpieces can be created by the artists. You can also award the one who has created the most wonderful masterpiece.
  7. A tournament of football – By organizing a tournament of football you can raise funds by asking the attendees to donate money. In this tournament you can invite people from all over the world.
  8. For raising money you can organize a casino night – For the purpose of donating money you can invite a number of people at a casino. They can play poker, blackjack, roulette and several other games there. In the form of chips present in the casino they can make their donations.
  9. Organize a BBQ – You can raise funds for your event by organizing a barbecue and for cooking food in it, inviting local chefs will be a good idea. In it you can make a chef as the winner whose food tastes the best.
  10. Host a trivia night – By appealing to a certain number of people to take part in the event at the bars you can raise funds. These events can occur every week and are known as trivia nights. Along with this charging money from those who do not compete in the event will be a good idea.
  11. Organize a local concert – It will be a good idea to organize a local concert so as to raise funds. You can organize a show by recruiting local artists and booking a local venue. The artists can ask their family, friends and fans to donate the money.
  12. Cycling indoors – You can ask a number of people to take part in indoor cycling. With this they can take part in a workout that is fulfilling and energetic. After performing this activity some of the participants can also donate money.
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