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Top 5 Outdated SEO trends are still followed blindly

As we all know today, everything is evolving at a rapid pace so we need to keep ourselves updated too. 

SEO stands for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION which comes to the rescue when we use it by keeping all the updates in mind.

What the global industries were following in 2012 cannot be used today but several smart organizations have to come to know the hack to survive the competition by following some tactics.

Hence, today we will discuss some SEO trends that are still followed and have helped many organizations to rank themselves better.

SEO has always surprised us with its new components and as time has been changing rapidly so we can also see the new upgrades in SEO.

When the new entries are coming some are getting old and which are to be avoided at any cost so that your google rankings should not get affected by it.

 So, today we are going to learn the top 5 SEO trends that are still followed blindly.

  • Web Directory.

Web directory provides a list or catalog of websites. You might be wondering what web directories were used for?

So web directories were used to provide a list of online lists which can help the users to find the website they are looking for.

Earlier the model was layered which means it has various subcategories but now we do not use it anymore.

Today long before search engine was used, but today due to the simple procedure of using installing software the long hunting for additional links and revenues finally came to an end.

But eventually, these directories started losing their charm as  they did not provide any real value to the visitors 

Another comes from the article directory. It eventually started to share the information with the greater audience but it eventually became worse.

People started misusing it by rewriting the article which started to make the content less worthy and because of that the ratings started to get affected.

  1. Keyword stuffing

Stuffing is a practice of searching for a particular word that is done to manipulate the site ranking keyword stuffing can sometimes lead to some permanent damages to the organization like being temporarily banned or penalized.

It is not that this stuffing was done earlier but the changes have been made on the part that is putting a lot of irrelevant keywords On the webpage.

Adding irrelevant web pages not only makes your page less attractive but also you get bad at google rankings as your rank gets hampered.

So make sure you keep this thing in your mind while writing your next article.

So make sure always relevant keywords are used in place so that our content does not fight for Google rankings and also we can play constructively.

  1. Sponsoring links 

Another outdated tactic is sponsored links in Google. 

Why do we not see how the audience likes to engage with our content more rather than engaging with the outside links?

The user base will automatically increase if you start adding value to your content and give the best each time you can.

Automatically you will be able to see the difference and this age-old technique which has already lost its flavor will not stay this redundant.

Though it helps you provide traffic, these links may count as a vote for the Page from the visitors which in turn may help to get a better ranking.

So while making a good SEO strategy one should always

Consider what a visitor is looking for and how to create a  page that will encourage traffic.

Therefore next time one should be careful about the links that are not necessarily trusted or endorsed by the author that may prove to be a hindrance in generating traffic.

  1. Desktop SEO.

The next outdated trend still followed is desktop search engine optimization. 

Now since people can access your site from anywhere anytime, Google started adapting itself for smart searches.

Everything being online people spend a maximum of their time surfing online to the various web, the site’s like a, result from their experience gets more important forever. Therefore you need to have a website easily accessible and friendly to use.

So next time one should always consider a few things:

Speed of the Page: The speed of the page helps to increase the experience of the visitors.

By having better speed some get an edge over the competitors.

Border or the layout:  Border and the layout are other factors that must be considered.

A structured layout helps the visitors to see everything in one click.

Font: Correct variations of the screen size 

Though we know Google is built to fit search queries but sometimes the results may not be the same.

Therefore the one should always use the correct font size suitable for both desktops and mobile phones so that it could look appealable in both formats. In short, your website should be easy to use and should improve the worth of your brand 

  1. Too many microsites

These microsites are used in a web design to add information to the primary websites. They act as a supplement for the main website.

These microsites often act as a medium to engage the users by providing creative and interactive content. 

They help the user in a way to connect to the brand or the author. 

The best online marketing strategy would be to use the content appropriately because it is something that is the link that connects us with the audience.

In no case, you will want to lose your audience hence to maintain that link ensure that you spend enough time in making a strategy that can work according to your plan.

But adding multiple microsites marching with the domain name Just to gain better ranking is now an outdated practice to follow. 

Rather one should look for building better content and using SEO only for the product they want to advertise. These microsites help the audience to remember the product for longer and offer complete engagement with the customers.

These microsites help in lead generation and better relations with the customers.


Search engine optimization has come a long way but it needs to keep everything to understand and rank each page without any hindrance.

Only the update strategy will keep you healthy and active in this SEO game.

So make sure that you are using it all. the right strategies and not letting the old used techniques hamper your performance because if you lag in this game it will get hard for you to patch up.

So make sure that you quit your bad habits and accept new ones so that by using the new habits in a practical format you can get the maximum out of your efforts.

Keep writing and keep upgrading yourself so that someday you can rank on top.

Author BIO –  Shiv Gupta started his journey in the digital marketing world at the age of 17. He grabbed deep knowledge of the industry and earned multiple awards. Incrementors was founded by him to provide the best marketing solution to struggling businesses with a goal to help them achieve higher sales and conversions. Incrementors don’t give fluff or “high-level” advice. They just give an insanely actionable plan that works.

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