Best Paying Jobs for English Major in 2022

If you studied English, finding best paying jobs for English Major wouldn’t take a lot of struggles. Out of the world’s approximately 7.8 billion inhabitants, 1.35 billion speak English. However, the majority aren’t native English speakers. Almost 360 million people speak English as their first language. So with English being a famous language for many people and businesses, the desire to find a well-paying job becomes an obtainable aim.

The Meaning of an English Major
The parts that English students play in the workforce after graduation are exciting and different. The study of English has developed over the years but has never stop to be important in many professional settings.

English major have the opportunity to groom talented writers with communication skills that can benefit almost every industry.

Different Skills You Can Get in English Major
Writing is something that English major learn to do well. Employers from every aspect of life regard the value of skilled writers in attracting and retaining customers; for firms that market on the Internet, great writers are essential. English majors like professional writers, are skilled at writing and copy editing email communications, business writing, technical documents, marketing copy, proposals and presentations, and a broad range of other tasks.
Critical Thinking: English majors are taught the important skills needed to read critically and write logically.
Research: English majors learn how to organize thorough research. Firms need people that can organize in-depth research, analyze information to select the best sources, use proof to support claims, and send information effectively and shortly in order to stay current.
Communication: English majors learn to talk fluently, read widely, and have a large vocabulary; they also succeed in jobs that need regular communication with people both inside and outside the workplace. They can infer, compare, summarize, display, categorize, and explain information.
Editing & Proofreading: English majors develop a powerful eye for detail and the capacity to spot errors, and the ability to write messages in different situations.
Empathy: English majors learn to look at topics from a different angle and interpret them with ethnicity, gender, class, and sexuality in mind.
Time Management & Organization: In this skill, English majors try learning to research, read, and write in stages while managing several deadlines under pressure. They also conduct information, examine it, and organize their thoughts in a wise manner.
Creativity and Originality: English majors learn to specify and document sources in order to avoid plagiarism, so employers don’t have to be concerned about the integrity of their business publications and communications.
Best Paying Jobs for English Major
Brand Strategist: A brand strategist add to a marketing team to form and deliver a constant and effective brand for a company’s products. The national average salary of a brand strategist is $70,893 per year and their responsibilities include supervising a brand’s images and tone.
Internal Communications Executive: They communicate perfectly and easily with employees within an organization. The national average salary of an internal communications executive is $81,635 per year.
Lawyer: They are legal experts who can use their knowledge of the legal system. A lawyer can be government prosecutors or defenders, or concentrate in a civil area such as divorce, contracts, intellectual property or many other fields. Their national average salary is $70,280 per annum.
Publisher: A publisher may work in different industries which include publishing books, producing magazines, or producing online content. While publishing firms order content, accept and approve submissions, organize writer contracts, supervise editing and design, and improve sales. A publisher national average salary is $59,488 annually.
English Professor: The faculty members of English departments teach literature, composition, and literary theory. Aside from developing curricula, creating assignments, grading them, and communicating with the students about their academic progress, an English Professor also develop their course curricula. They typically need a PhD in English and usually a specialization in literature. Their national average salary is $66,996 in a year.

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