Citibank is of the top banks in the United States of America offering its teaming bank customers the mobile checks deposit service free of charge without the need to visit the bank.

To start using the Citibank Mobile Check Deposit service follow the steps below.
Advantages of Citibank Mobile Check Deposit
Mobile Check Deposit allows you to deposit your checks without a trip to the bank. Use the Citi Mobile banking app to deposit your next check with your mobile phone.
How Mobile Check Deposit works
After you’ve downloaded the Citi Mobile app for your iPhone®, iPod touch® or Android™ device:

• Sign on to your account in the Citi Mobile app and
o — If you have an iPhone, select Move Money from the menu, then Deposit Check.
o — If you have an android device, select Mobile Deposit from the Quick Access bar.
• To enroll in the service, review and accept the terms & conditions.
• Select the account you want to deposit your check to and enter the check amount.
• Sign the back of your check.
• Free up enough memory for taking pictures by closing other mobile apps or restarting your device.
• Take pictures of both sides of your check, then submit the images for mobile deposit.
You’ll receive confirmation emails when we receive your deposit, and when we accept your deposit for processing.
Citibank Mobile Check Deposit Limits

Note that Citibank mobile check deposit limit for customers with bank accounts opened for 6 months or longer is $1,000/day and $3,000/month; for bank customers with accounts opened for fewer than 6 months, the limit is $500 per day and $1,500 per month.
For further details about Citibank mobile check deposit and deposit limits, please visit Citibank website