5 Tips to Stay On a Budget When Styling Your Home After Marriage

Styling your new home after getting married is one of the dream tasks that you and your partner will together work on. This is ‘that time of your life when you put together all the pieces of your choice for building your dream home together.


However, this might sound like a task if you are living in the metropolitan and want to strike a balance between stylish and elegant homes and budget-friendly investments. Even though you and your spouse are working in the big MNCs in the megacities, staying on a budget while styling your new home after marriage should be the mantra you stick to.


If you just raised your brow and have wondered if that is even possible, then here is the way you can find out how!


1.         Play around with what you got!


If you want to get the vibe of a new piece of furniture without investing much, then reviving with the existing piece of furniture is the best place you can begin with. There are tons of videos across the net about DIY furniture pieces or even reviving or repurposing the same. You can get your inspiration from there and then perhaps decide to repaint the old wooden table or the headboard or perhaps just invest in a slip-on cover that has the aesthetic design to give a whole new look to your home!

2.         Go for renting instead of buying the furniture and appliances

If you are a couple who would want new furniture and appliances into the home you are moving to after marriage, then renting them can be the best choice you can make. It not just gives you the satisfaction of having new trendy pieces of furniture at super affordable rates but also reduces the hassles of moving them when you are shifting to a new city.


Opting for furniture on rent and appliances on rent can save you the costs of transportation, service and maintenance, and you can even upgrade to better pieces every once in a while, which is not even a choice when you buy it.

3.         Amp up your rooms with fancy walls


A perfectly complimenting curtain to the window or the deck doors is a very underrated thing about styling the new home in a budget-friendly way when you are moving after marriage. Thus, adding colourful linen or fancy white cloths that give a rich look to the wall as a curtain can be a great way to amp up the look of the room and be easy on your pocket.


4.         Bring nature inside the rooms


Adding some of the houseplants beside the big chair to create your cozy corner or adding some artificial grass element to some part of the house can also add a different vibe to your home. If you are shifting to a new city, then going by sea and collecting the rocks or shells from the shore and adding them to your corner can be another great idea to style your home when you are moving after marriage.

5.         Plan your needs beforehand


Scrolling through Pinterest will make you end up buying 100s of things to style your home. But at times like this, you should rather think of what is it that you need rather than what all things do you want. Plan a budget, and decide the rooms that you want to spend decorating on. This way, you will have a focused mindset about your decor needs and you will also save yourself from spending on unnecessary things.


Thus, here is a quick walkthrough with regards to the tips you should keep in mind when you are shifting to a new city and moving after marriage to a new place that you can call ‘your home’!

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