The majority of people are afraid of sleeping on an empty stomach. It’s even worse when you can’t get food because of a crisis or natural disaster, such as a tornado, earthquake, or power cut for an extended period. According to history, our forefathers survived pandemics, accidents, and plagues thanks to their survival expertise. However our forefathers could store food for more than a year before civilization without losing nutrient value or taste.

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Food and electricity prices continue to rise daily. Furthermore, Native Americans lacked access to contemporary methods of food preservation. So, how did they make it? The Lost SuperFoods is a 270-page book with various foods that you may stockpile to sustain you and your family for more than a year without refrigeration.

Art rude is a family man through and through. He is a former college math teacher. He is a father and grandpa, he has always been concerned with keeping his loved ones safe from any tragedy that may strike America or the rest of the globe. He believes that we are all far more vulnerable today than past generations, particularly regarding food.

According to the author, the survival book includes recipes for foods that can be stored for an extended time without current preservation procedures. Who is the writer? Are the recipes and methods of preservation sustainable? To discover more about the book, please read this review.

What exactly is The Lost SuperFoods?

This Book is a 272-page study book that includes a variety of recipes and food kinds to help you survive even the worst disasters. Furthermore, it contains over 126 survival recipes and food preservation tricks that you can use. It was written by Art Rude, a retired math teacher, collaborating with Claude Davis, a well-known survivalist.

The Benefits of the Lost Superfoods

“The Lost Superfoods” is an excellent book to add to your survival kit.

You’ll also see accurate nutritional values for each food you add, so you’ll always know how much macronutrients like fat, carbohydrates, and protein your body is getting.  And how many more do you require?

Therefore, even when there is no disaster, the Lost SuperFoods provides you with cost-effective storage methods, lowering the expense of running a refrigerator. Furthermore, the book contains clear colored graphics and easy-to-follow directions to help you quickly understand expertise. Similarly, the Lost SuperFoods is to be understood by those with no prior culinary or food preservation experience.

The Lost SuperFoods gives you accurate dietary values to guarantee you get enough of everything. Even with fading eyesight, the font on the book is easy to read. A quick read-over at the table of contents reveals that each superfood gets its chapter, making it simple to read. Several of the foods in the book are well-known, while others have been “forgotten” or are less well-known.

In addition, Art Rude gives readers in-depth information about a specific superfood, such as its invention history, the technique of preservation, and how to cook it. Furthermore, each superfood comes with a detailed ingredient list and a step-by-step cooking technique that anyone can easily follow. As a result, readers will not have to guess about the exact cooking temperature or the amount of each component.

The Forgotten SuperFoods Bonuses

Art Rude provides two extras to consumers to help them stay prepared for the unexpected. These are some examples:

1. A 12-Month Underground Greenhouse

The book includes plants that you can grow in your backyard underground greenhouse. The greenhouse might cost around $200 and take less than a week to build. Similarly, you can harvest the produce biannually or more depending on the weather conditions.

2. 1900 Projects to Assist You in Surviving a Crisis

This guide includes self-sufficiency skills such as planting medicinal herbs, water purification methods using charcoal, root cellars, hunting, and fishing with minimum equipment.

Why You Should Read This Book

According to Art Rude, enough healthy food makes dealing with disasters such as pandemics, tornadoes, tsunamis, and drought easier. The Lost SuperFoods is a book that will assist you in surviving the most significant disasters.

Its primary goal is to assist readers in preserving their food without the use of chemicals. Furthermore, it contains superfoods from all dietary groups to guarantee that you obtain both macro and micronutrients for overall health.

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