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8 Types of Business Technology Tools to Save Time and Money

If there are two things that every business owner, big or small, values the most, they are time and money. The business world functions and plays by the mantra of ‘time is money. Hence, it is a given that corporate invest a lot in tools that would save both time and money.  

From manufacturing to agriculture to niche fields like escape rooms or gaming- every industry is reliant in some way or the other on business tools to simplify their operations. Some use them for customer acquisition, while others might need them for tracking performance or assessing future trends. 


Down below, we have discussed 8 types of business technology tools that are the holy grail of money and time management for businesses. Read on to know more! 

  • Task Management Tools  

Let’s face it, keeping track of all tasks and projects, along with their progress, can be a hassle. Add meetings and other project discussions, and it stirs up the perfect recipe for burnout. No matter the scale of the business, task management tools are a godsend for all owners. Apart from helping you save costs and time, they also help in effective and efficient functioning. To put it very simply, task management tools help in keeping the allotted tasks in check without having someone check up on them manually. It is a wonderful way to keep your and your employees’ progress in check. 

  • Social Media Tools  

If you plan on owning a business or already own one with zero social media presence, we have some bad news for you. The rise of social media has become one of the major reasons for a lot of businesses to succeed. The potential impact of social media on your brand image is incredible. Social media is revolutionizing the marketing and business industry. Think about how Elon Musk’s social media presence always has people talking about Tesla and SpaceX. Social media presence has become more of a prerequisite for the success of any business. The best part remains that it is free and does not consume too much time. 

  • E-Signatures  

More and more businesses are going paperless. Moreover, ever since the advent of the pandemic, the work from home scenario has made people grow more distant from offices. Amidst all this, there is always some paperwork that requires a signature. In such cases, e-signatures come to your rescue. E-signatures are wonderful money and time-saving way to sign any crucial paperwork or files that need your immediate attention but are not remotely available to you. These documents can be transferred over to you digitally, where you can sign them digitally and send them back over. Moreover, the best part is that these files can be accessed on any device available to you remotely, be it smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktops. 

  • Social Marketing Tools  

Social marketing tools have made tasks that once would have seemed herculean seem really easy. The biggest example is email marketing. Social marketing tools are an efficient way to keep track of all the emails and messages sent and received. Moreover, it helps in promoting the ongoing campaigns of your company across your entire customer base. Through this, the customers also get to know about the latest deals and offers going on in your organization. Let’s be honest, who does not love a good discount? Customers are always on the lookout for good deals and offers. Hence, social marketing tools are one way that can convey your word to your customers while saving you time and money! 

  • Meeting Scheduling Tools  

Which successful functions without having regular team meetings? Regular team meetings are essential to help keep everyone on the same page and discuss the game plan for the next steps. However, forgetting about team meetings is an honest mistake we are all guilty of making. Meeting scheduling tools come as a boon here. Instead of manually remembering, meeting scheduling tools can send automatic reminders about the time and date for the next team meeting.  

  • Phone Tag  

Phone tag is one of the best business technology tools out there. It is one of the best tools that reduce a lot of manual labor, as well as save a lot of time. Have you ever looked at those typists at interviews or at a court hearing where they continuously keep on typing whatever is being said? That is exactly what a phone tag does, minus the manual labor and extra time. Phone tag helps you record phone conversations in text format, which are later sent over to you via email. Small businesses usually opt for this method to save the money and time of hiring a person for the same job.  

  • Document Collaboration  

Exchanging and sharing documents is one of the central tasks in any business. Document sharing tools, like Google Drive and OneDrive, make it extremely easy to share your files with necessary people almost immediately. However, in instances when several documents need to be sent over at the same time, document collaboration tools help in merging such files together and sending them over altogether without having to fill up the other person’s memory with too many files. 

  • Gaining and Retaining clients through Customer Relationship Management 


Customer Relationship Management tools help in getting accurate data about customer acquisition and retention. CRMs help in finding out existing and potential customers for your business and help you plan your next steps accordingly. Moreover, taking constant help from such platforms can really help you plan out your next business move quite intricately and carefully.   

Final thoughts  

Technology is making unprecedented advances, especially ever since the advent of the pandemic. With the increasing relevance of technology, especially in the business sector, one must not only adapt but also make the most of all the benefits they can reap from it. 

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