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What Can I Export from Nigeria to Canada?

What Can I Export from Nigeria to Canada? This is an important question many Nigerians like you are asking about commodity export.
If you are looking for what to Export from Nigeria to Canada and make money, then you need to be aware of the numerous commodities that are available and are listed in this article for you to consider for export from Nigeria to Canada.
You also need to ensure that you’re making the most of the opportunity to make money from export to Canada, because after all, if there was no market for your products or services in Canada, then it wouldn’t make sense to try and export them there, right?
What Can I Export from Nigeria to Canada?
Below are some factors to consider before exporting any of the listed exportable commodities from Nigeria to Canada.

1) Export Locally produced goods from Nigeria to Canada

If you’re running a local commodity supply or production business, chances are you can find buyers of these commodities in the international markets in Canada for a good return on your investment. For example, if you’re in Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Kaduna, Port-harcourt, Aba or in any parts of Nigeria, you can try shipping the following products listed below to Canada and make huge profit in foreign currency.
• Palm Kernel Oil and Palm Oil.
• Nigerian Textiles and Garments.
• Cocoa Butter.
• Gallstone.
• Rubber.
Sesame Seed.
• Honey.
Cocoa beans
Cashew nuts
• Foodstuffs export from Nigeria to Canada ( Click link to learn how to export foodstuffs like Ogbono, Egusi, Yam Flour, Beans flour, Bitter leaf, Crayfish, smoked catfish, Plantain four, Ugu leaves,Dry Pepper etc.

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2) Export Products that are Scarce in Canada but are in abundance in Nigeria

There are several factors that affect whether you’ll be able to ship products from Nigeria to Canada, but one of them is a product’s scarcity in your home country. Make sure your product isn’t found in abundance in Canada—your shipping company might not allow you to export it at all. Also, if there are already established suppliers in Canada, your efforts will be wasted. Try scouting out products scarce in North America as opposed to common ones so that you can enjoy greater success with little competition. If you need help identifying these products, reach out to people who live in Canada and ask them what they want. Or, do some research on how much demand there is for different types of goods in Canada and which ones are hard to find. For example, according to Statista , Canadians spent more than $6 billion on beauty and personal care items alone last year—and Canadians love Chocolate! and Chocolate companies across Canada would certainly benefit from having a steady supply of high-quality cocoa beans from Nigeria.

3) Understand How to Export Goods from Nigeria to Canada

How to Export goods from Nigeria to Canada: Exporting from Nigeria has become easier in recent years thanks to technological advances and improved infrastructure. With technology you can sell anything online with just a few clicks of your mouse or taps on your smartphone screen – not only will you be able to ship anything anywhere in no time flat but also reach new markets with ease. This means, as an exporter, you’ll have more opportunities to grow your business.

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What Can I Export from Nigeria to Canada?

Export from Nigeria to Canada Procedure

To export goods from Nigeria to Canada follow the steps below.
Look for where to source for cheap and quality exportable commodities in Nigeria.
Know the process the commodities need to undergo in terms of quality before it can be exported from Nigeria to Canada.
Obtain export license from the Nigeria export promotion council (NEPC) .
Contact foreign buyers in Canada for your commodities..
Sign export contract documents with the buyer.
Agree on the Method of payment for the commodities you want to export.
Find a reliable freight forwarder or courier companies like DHL EMS and others that will handle the final shipping from Nigeria to Canada with ease.

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