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How to Apply for a Keystone Bank Business Loan

A Keystone Bank business loan can be your key to making that next great investment that will take your business to the next level or help you to start up your new business venture in Nigeria.

Whether you’re looking to expand your existing business or launch a new one, there are plenty of reasons why getting a Keystone Bank Nigeria business loan is the right move for you. But before applying, it’s important to understand what type of loan and how much you will need in order to get approved which we will discuss in this guide on how to apply for a Keystone Bank Nigeria business loan!

The Benefits of Keystone Bank Business Loans

Keystone Bank Nigeria offers many types of loans including business loans, home improvement loans, auto loans and personal installment loan of between N500,000 to N20million. Keystone bank business loan application process is quite easy and straight forward. The benefits of Keystone bank business loan are quite many such as an applicant can apply online at Keystone Bank website or at any of the Keystone Bank branch across Nigeria.

The Process of Applying for a Keystone Bank Business Loan

Keystone bank is recognized as one of the leading and reliable commercial banks in Nigeria. If you are seeking financial assistance in order to start up or expand your business in Nigeria, Keystone bank business loan might be what you need. Continue to read this article about how to apply for Keystone bank business loan in Nigeria.

The Process of Applying for Keystone Bank Nigeria Business Loan:

1) Fill out Keystone bank business loan application form online or offline.

2) Provide a copy of your Business Plan
3) Provide copies of documents that prove ownership of property ( Collateral )
4) Fill out Keystone bank credit profile form. These include details such as age, marital status, income level etc. In addition, Keystone bank also requires you to provide details on any previous loans taken with other lenders. Once all these requirements have been met, Keystone bank will review your application and decide whether they will approve it or not. Approval of the Keystone bank business loan application will depend on a number of factors including monthly income level, duration of employment history etc.

Documents Required for Keystone Bank Nigeria Business Loan

When you visit any Keystone Bank in Nigeria, you will be asked by the bank officials to produce your Identification card (national identity card or passport) for verification. Furthermore, it is important that you should also have a clean credit record with all your current and previous creditors. The other document required in an application for business loan is an audit report from CPA or Certified public Accountant. This report must be issued not more than three months from date of application and it shows that your business has been audited and verified.

Final Words on Keystone Bank Nigeria Business Loan

In order to qualify, your company will need to meet several criteria; generally speaking, you must have been in business for at least 2 years and have a reasonable gross annual revenues.