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How to Apply for Globus Bank Nigeria Business Loan

Globus Bank Nigeria offers business loans to entrepreneurs in Nigeria, depending on the type of business you want to start and how much risk you are willing to take on. In order to apply for the Globus Bank  N50million business loans, you need to do three things: determine the amount you want, fill out an application, and submit it to Globus Bank Nigeria with the necessary documents listed in your loan agreement.

Before you Apply for Globus Bank Business Loan

Before you apply for Globus Bank Business Loan, prepare your business plan and financials. Your business plan should clearly outline how you will use any loan money and also detail how much money you need, why you need it, and how you will repay the loan. You will also want to produce strong financial documents, such as bank statements and balance sheets to show that your business is stable enough to repay the business loan. If necessary, seek out help from an accountant or financial advisor who can help you put together these documents. Once you have all of the materials together, head over to the online application page on the Globus Bank website. Fill in the details about your company and click Submit Application.

Preparation for Globus Bank Business Loan

Before you can even begin applying for a business loan, there are several steps you need to take. First, it’s important that you gather as much information about your business as possible and create an accurate budget. Once your finances are in order, you will need to identify which type of loan will best serve your business and prepare all of your paperwork. And don’t forget: You may also have tax-related tasks to complete when taking out a loan.

Completing the Globus Bank Business Loan application form

With business loans from Globus Bank Nigeria, you will need to submit your loan application online using their secure form. There are five basic steps: Signing in, Selecting your finance type, Reviewing and completing details on your business loan request, and Submitting. Within 24 hours of applying for your loan online, you will receive an email with a confirmation of receipt. This will include confirmation of any actions which need completing on your part before we can consider sending you a formal loan offer. These may be providing us with additional information that is missing or verifying certain information that you have already provided.

The only thing left is to wait until your business loan application has been processed by our credit department and approved by the relevant authorities if necessary – this process typically takes 3-5 working days but could take up to 10 working days.

Provide Supporting documents for Globus Bank Business Loan

While you apply for a business loan online, you will still need to include supporting documents with your application. At a minimum, these should include bank statements; tax returns; three years of profit and loss statements (if you are just starting out); a business plan (if applicable); and contact information for at least two references. You can also upload digital copies of any or all of the above. All the documentation will be scanned into electronic format during the process so it doesn’t have to be mailed in. If you are approved, the money will usually be deposited into your account on the same day. It may take between 2-5 days for funds to arrive if you’re approved but not immediately available on-site.

Applying for Globus Bank Business Loan Online

If you have any questions while applying online, please call the customer care line. We are available 24/7! Alternatively, you can download an application form and send it in via post or fax. Just click here to get your business loan application form today! Fill out the form with your contact information, financial history, and details about the project you need financing for. Then just submit the form so we can process it.

Here is Other Information you Need to Know

You are eligible for Globus Bank Business Loan, if you are at least 18 years old, have had three months of active business in Nigeria or you can show proof of having an existing business finally if you have registered as a sole proprietor, partnership, or limited liability company. With all these points considered, it’s no wonder that so many businessmen and women in different parts of Nigeria use Globus bank to help them keep their businesses afloat. If you want to apply for a Globus Bank Nigeria Business loan application online, follow the steps below

1) Fill out the form on the homepage of the website by filling in your personal information (e.g. name, email address, country).
2) Fill out all details required on this form before submitting it (e.g. contact number, business type, the current balance in a savings account).

3) Submit your request and wait for confirmation from our team.

4) Once approved, download the agreement from our site and send it back to us signed with original signatures by all partners/owners of the business.

5) Congratulations! Your application has been approved and now it’s time to enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have just one less thing to worry about when managing your Nigerian business.