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How to Apply For SunTrust Bank Nigeria Business Loan

How to Apply For SunTrust Bank Nigeria Business Loan – If you are starting or expanding your business in Nigeria, but don’t have the capital to fund it. You might be considering getting a SunTrust Bank Nigeria Business Loan to help you get started or meet unexpected expenses as they arise.

With so many companies offering loans, it can be hard to determine which one is the best fit for your needs and your business. This article will help you learn how to apply for a SunTrust Bank Nigeria Business Loan so that you can start or expand your business today!

Who Can Apply for a SunTrust Bank Business Loan In Nigeria.

SunTrust provides business loans of up to N50million for small businesses. This includes individuals and/or owners of startup companies, including sole proprietorships, Limited Liability Company’s, partnerships and corporations. Partnerships must have at least one individual owner. Corporations must have at least one officer who will guarantee payment on behalf of the company. You can apply online or by phone or in person. If you are interested in an online application, please fill out the form below and click submit. The following information is required:

-Registered Company name

-Legal entity type (corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship)

-Legal name (if applicable)

-Primary contact person’s name

-Primary contact person’s email address

-Annual revenue

-Have active bank account with SunTrust Bank Nigeria

What Does it Take to be Considered for SunTrust Bank Business Loan 

SunTrust bank business loans are offered at various loan amounts, making it easy for you to find one that fits your needs. Along with your current financial status, our lending experts evaluate your business prospects and collateral in order to determine how much of a loan you can realistically receive. To help get started with your application, please call our customer care desk or fill out an online form.

Where can I Apply for a SunTrust Bank Business Loan In Nigeria 

You can apply for a business loan from SunTrust bank by visiting any of their branches across Nigeria or by filling out an online application. To find your local branch visit contact address page of our website. To apply online, click business loan apply here on our website. Fill in the required information and upload the required documents and you will receive an email confirming that your application has been submitted. If you’re not approved for a SunTrust bank business loan, visit our Loan Programs page to see if we offer another option that may be more suitable for you.

Documents Needed when Applying for SunTrust Bank Business Loan In Nigeria 

Before we provide guidelines on how to apply for business loans in Nigeria, it’s first important that you know what documents are required. The list of essential documents you need is outlined below 1) Current financial statements;
2) Audited balance sheet;
3) Profit and loss statement (P&L);
4) Personal identification document.

5) Certificate of business registration in Nigeria with (CAC)

6) Proof of contact address

7) Original copy of Details of collateral offered

8) Business Plan

Apply Here for SunTrust Bank Business Loan Online 

When you are ready to make an application, complete our online form at SunTrust Bank Nigeria website HERE.
Fill out an application online and we will contact you with additional information. Alternatively, please contact your nearest branch if you would like more information. You can find the address of the closest location by clicking here.: Thank you for visiting our site!

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