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Wema Bank Quick Loan : Get up to N3million Loan without Collateral

About Wema Bank Quick Loan

WEMA Bank is one of the banks in Nigeria that offers quick loans of up to N2million without collateral.  The process for obtaining Wema bank quick loan is simple and straightforward, and you can get the money you need in a matter of minutes.

All you need to do is fill out an online application and provide some basic information about yourself and your business. You will then be contacted by phone within 24 hours for additional documentation. If approved, you will receive the funds via mobile transfer or direct deposit into your account at no cost.

You can now apply for a Wema bank quick loan without collateral or paperwork, no visitation to any physical location, and response time between acceptance of offer and loan disbursement is in minutes. You can now borrow as much as N2,000,000 (Two million naira) without collateral

Available Quick Loans at Wema Bank

Wema bank School Fees Advance loan: This quick loan facility at Wema bank is designed to provide find for the payment of your children school fees in Nigeria. School fees advance loan is available to members of staff of public and reputable private organizations whose workers salaries are domiciled with Wema Bank. The minimum loan amount is ₦50,000 while the maximum loan facility amount is up to ₦3million. Nursery/Primary/Secondary schools in Nigeria have a maximum tenor of 3 months and a maximum tenor of 12 months applies for higher institutions in Nigeria.

Wema Asset Acquisition Scheme (WAAS) Quick loan:  We at Wema bank will assist you in buying a new car, pre-owned imported vehicles or a mid-size generator with an asset quick loan payable in up to four years. WAAS is also open to businesses that want to motivate their employees with group loans. The loan credit facility is around ₦500,000 and it covers purchase of a new vehicles. Wema Asset Acquisition Scheme (WAAS) facility runs from 6 to 48 consecutive months.

Wema bank Personal Loan: this quick loan facility currently available to workers who operate a Wema bank Salary Current or Savings Account. The quick loan is also available to formally employed staff of companies/employers pre-approved by Wema Bank and groups of salary earners under an association. The Wema bank personal loan will be disbursed into a salary account domiciled with the Bank. This product has a maximum loan tenure of 36 months. Quick Loan Top up is available only after 6 months of regular monthly down payments.

Wema bank Term Loans: It is designed to fund asset acquisition, general capacity expansion and long-term financing needs. It could also be used for specific expansionary purposes or clearly identifiable cash projects of specific amounts. Term loans may be short term (up to 1 year), medium-term (1 – 5 years) or long term (above 5 years).

Requirements For Wema Bank Quick Loan

All you need to do is meet the eligibility requirements, which include having a

Have a valid ID,
Must be at least 18 years old
Have a steady source of income.
Provide your Wema bank account details,
Provide your personal details.
Provide proof of employment or salary slips if you are applying for an instant salary advance loan.
You can apply for up to ₦5 million from this Wema bank Nigeria without providing any form of collateral other than your personal details and bank account information.
Provide your bank Verification Number (BVN)How To Apply for

Wema Bank Quick Loan Maximum Amount

Wema bank quick loan is structured to help Nigerians and it is evident in the interest rate. Salary earners can receive a loan N50,000 and get up to N4million within hours and will have a tenor of between 3 to 24 months tenor with only a 2% interest rate per month on a reducing balance basis.

USSD Code For Wema Bank Quick Loan

The WEMA Bank Nigeria USSD code for loans in Nigeria is *945*65#. Simply dial *945*65# and follow the prompts to get loans in Nigeria from WEMA Bank.

Wema Bank Quick Loan Features

It comes with Easy mobile and internet banking services.
Doesn’t require any maintenance fee on the current account.
Allow quick loan disbursement (48 hours).
It has a Stress free application process at the comfort of your office.
You can Loan top-up after 6 regular months of down payments.
Maximum loan tenor of 36 months

Steps to Apply for Wema Bank Quick Loan

Login to Wema bank website or sign-up if you have not
From the Wema bank website menu items, click on ‘’Loans’’
You can read through and understands the Wema bank disclaimer
The upon successful credit evaluation and checks, a loan offer is presented with duration and applicable interest based on the user’s current risk score
Please endeavor to read through and accept the Terms & Conditions which will contain consent to having your account debited for repayment at loan due date and provide your debit card details to be debited
Finally your Wema bank quick loan account will be immediately credited

How To Pay back the Wema Bank Quick Loan Collected

At the payback date if the quick loan is still outstanding you will get a repayment notification after which your account will be automatically debited
The Wema bank quick loan customer gets a repayment notification
You may also wish to repay the Wema bank quick loan before the payback date from the Bills Payment option on the menu

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