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FCMB Internet Banking Registration In Nigeria

FCMB Internet Banking Registration In Nigeria – If you are an FCMB customer and want to enjoy the full benefits of the bank services, then this article will help you get registered to use the internet banking facility offered by the bank, so that you can be able to access all your banking needs in real time 24/7 without stepping out of your house or office. Follow these easy steps below and get started with your FCMB Internet Banking Registration In Nigeria today!

Main Steps to Register on FCMB Internet Banking

1. First, you need to have an account with FCMB. If you don’t have one, you can easily open one by visiting any FCMB branch or by going online to the FCMB website.
2. Once you have an account, the next step is to visit the FCMB internet banking registration page and fill in your Debit card or bank account details.
3. After filling in your account and personal details, you will be asked to create a username and password for your internet banking account.

4. Next, is to view the information on your screen when using the bank’s services via their web-based service and after click on Save.
5. You are now at the final stage of setting up your FCMB internet banking account; which is confirming your mobile phone number.

6. Just enter the mobile phone number where you would like to receive notifications and then select Confirm My Mobile Phone Number to complete your registration process

7. Click on save and continue at this point will take you back to the homepage so that you can access all available features on FCMB internet banking

8: Upon successfully completing these steps, congratulations!

Deposit Money on Your FCMB Internet Bank Account

You can deposit money into your account by going to any FCMB branch and filling out a deposit slip. Be sure to include your account number on the slip. You can also deposit money by transferring funds from another bank account to your FCMB’s online banking platform.

You can check money deposited into your FCMB internet banking account by logging into your account to do so. Also click on the Transfers tab, and then select Transfer to send money to Another Bank, you’ll need the other bank’s your account number to complete transfer.

Make Payments Online with FCMB Internet Banking

With FCMB Internet Banking, you can make payments online to businesses and individuals within and outside Nigeria. All you need is the recipient’s account number and bank name. You will be required to enter your bank details for verification and then confirm the payment by entering a security code or token that will be sent to your registered mobile phone to use in completing the transaction.

Conclusion on FCMB Internet Banking Registration

In this post we have shown you how to register for the FCMB internet banking service, including how to check your account balance online and on your phone or tablet. So to get more information please click to visit the FCMB internet banking registration webpage

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