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Bank of America Routing Number – How to Find It

Bank of America Routing Number – When you’re receiving direct deposits to your Bank of America account, you’ll need to know the routing number for your bank account so that your employer or other payer can deposit the money directly into your account without any fuss. Luckily, once you know where to look, it’s easy to find the Bank of America routing number and enter it on any official forms that request this information. Here’s how to find the Routing Number Bank of America and start using it right away!

Finding the Bank of America Routing Number in your Checks

Your Routing Number Bank of America will be on the front side of your check, near the bottom. The routing number is a nine-digit number used for routing a bank transaction through ACH (Automated Clearing House) networks. Your account numbers are printed in red just above the routing number and has eleven digits which start with 00. Your account number is typically also on the front of your checks as well as at the top left corner. The main purpose of these numbers is to uniquely identify your accounts when transferring money between financial institutions or sending money electronically, such as by an e-check or ACH transfer.

Routing Number Bank of America By State

State/Branch of BofA Routing Number
Alabama 051000017
Alaska 051000017
Arizona 122101706
Arkansas 082000073
California 121000358
Colorado 123103716
Connecticut 011900254
Delaware 031202084
Florida, East 063100277
Florida, West 063100277
Georgia 061000052
Hawaii 051000017
Idaho 123103716
Illinois, South 081904808
Illinois, North 071000505
Illinois, Chicago Metro 081904808
Illinois, Chicago Metro (paper)* 071103619
Indiana 071214579
Iowa 073000176
Kansas 101100045
Kentucky 064000020
Louisiana 051000017
Maine 011200365
Maryland 052001633
Massachusetts 011000138
Michigan 072000805
Minnesota 071214579
Mississippi 051000017
Missouri East/St. Louis 081000032
Missouri West/Kansas City 081000032
Missouri West/Kansas City (paper)* 101000035
Montana 051000017
Nebraska 051000017
Nevada 122400724
New Hampshire 011400495
New Jersey 021200339
New Mexico 107000327
New York 021000322
North Carolina 053000196
North Dakota 051000017
Ohio 071214579
Oklahoma 103000017
Oregon 323070380
Pennsylvania 031202084
Rhode Island 011500010
South Carolina 053904483
South Dakota 051000017
Tennessee 064000020
Texas, North 111000025
Texas, South 111000025
Texas, South (paper)* 113000023
Utah 123103716
Vermont 051000017
Virginia 051000017
Washington 125000024
Washington, D.C. 054001204
West Virginia 051000017
Wisconsin 051000017
Wyoming 051000017

Finding the Bank Of America Routing Number on your ATM Card

Find the Routing Number Bank of America on your ATM card by looking on the back, right next to the bank account number. For this example, the routing number for Bank of America is 026009593, so our personal check should read BANK OF AMERICA/026009593.
The easiest way to find the routing number for a bank you’re not familiar with is to Google name of bank and click on Find out how to get a personal or business checking account, which will take you directly to their website where you can look up their routing information.

Finding the Bank of America routing number on your debit cards

It is essential that you are able to find your routing number for any bank that you might have an account with. The Bank of America routing number will be the same in each and every bank account, so once you know how, it’s easy. Here are some steps on how you can locate the Routing Number Bank of America on your debit card:
1) Locate your card as well as the signature panel located below your name.

2) On this signature panel, there will be a small number consisting of eight digits; this is known as the Bank of America routing transit number. If you are still having trouble locating this small number, it should be listed just below your account information in numbers and letters.

Finding the Bank of America Routing Number when you go online or at a branch office

The routing number for Bank of America is 026009593. When you go online, click on the Accounts tab. From there, you can either open a new account or get your routing number by clicking on Balance Transfer under the Account Center section. This will show the Routing Number Bank of America next to the word bank. If you’re at a branch office, call customer service or go up to one of their desks and they should be able to tell you what your routing number is.

Checking if the Bank of America Routing Number is Correct

An example routing number for Bank of America is: 026009593.
To verify that this is your Routing Number Bank of America, you will need to call them. You can find the phone number by looking at their website or by asking a friend who has an account with the bank. If it turns out that this is not your bank’s routing number, then the following steps won’t work for you and you should try calling your financial institution instead to get more information about setting up an account with them.

Backing up your banking information for later use

1. Log into your account with Routing Number Bank of America, login page. You will be presented with your username and password or can set up a new account from the sign in page.
2. When logging in for the first time, make sure you have your Social Security number on hand for verification purposes as well as an email address for later notification regarding any transactions or banking changes within the account. You may also need a routing number from another financial institution if you wish to use our bill pay service (learn more). Once you are logged in and verified, you will be able to access online banking which can be found by clicking the Go Online button on the right-hand side at the top of the home page.