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Citibank Routing Number – How To Find It

Citibank Routing Number – Banks in the United States use routing numbers, also known as ABA numbers, to identify its customer’s checking and savings accounts. The number consists of nine digits and always starts with 0XXX (the first two digits) or 01XXX (the first three digits). If you’re looking to find your Citibank routing number, then follow the simple steps below. If you’re looking to find your Citibank checking or savings account number, please see this article instead.

What is a Citibank Routing Number?

In order to send money from your Citibank account to someone else’s, a routing number is necessary. A routing number identifies where your money goes by providing the Federal Reserve or National Automated Clearing House (NACHA) with instructions about where the funds should be sent. In general, Citibank will provide you with their routing number if you ask for it and can then find that number on most paper checks issued by Citibank. However, if you do not have a paper check in front of you and are trying to find it online, there are two possible ways: either calling Citibank customer service or using the website Bill Pay Customer Service.

Where Can I Find My Citibank’s Routing Numbers?

The first step to finding your Citibank’s routing number is logging into the bank’s website. Once you’ve done that, simply type account settings in the search bar at the top of the page. You’ll see a drop-down menu with four different sections: sign on and security, account information, view or print statements and transactions. Select the section labeled account information. Once in this section, click on the button labeled Details, which is located just below your account name. A new window will pop up, displaying all of your personal information as well as where you can find the routing numbers for both checking and savings accounts.

Can you change your Citibank Routing Number?

You can’t change your Citibank routing number but, you may be able to use a different one. You should contact your financial institution’s customer service department and tell them what you would like to do, explain that you have just moved to another bank or are closing your account with the old institution. If this isn’t an option for you, some financial institutions will provide a new account number, meaning the same routing number will still be used but in a different place. Other banks might ask you to create a new account and offer an entirely new routing number. Still others might refuse because of bank policy which prohibits issuing any other type of loan on an existing account.

Why do Citibank Use Different Routing Number?

Here, we show how to find a Citibank routing number. The reason why different banks use different routing numbers is because all the checks that are drawn on one bank and presented for payment to another bank can be set aside by the paying bank until they have cleared from the paying bank. And this ensures that the paying bank does not have to provide funds for checks that may not be good. They do this because their responsibility is to ensure safety of both banks’ assets as well as trustworthiness with other banks.

Citibank Routing Numbers By State

The Citibank routing number is a 9 digit number at the bottom of your checks, or on top if you have online banking and a debit card. This number is not specific to any one state. Below is a list Citibank routing number of Citibank branches in the different states of America.

State Citibank Routing Numbers
Northern California
(including Central California & San Francisco)
Southern California
(Including Los Angeles & San Diego)
Connecticut 221172610
Delaware 021272655
Florida 221172610 (see below*)
Illinois 271070801
Maryland 052002166 (see below*)
Massachusetts 221172610
(Las Vegas Branches)
122401710 (see below*)
(Besides Las Vegas)
322271724 (see below*)
New Jersey 021272655
New York 021000089
New York Former EAB customers 021001486
Pennsylvania 021272655
Texas 113193532
Virginia & Washington D.C. 254070116

Do All Banks Have A Same Format Of Their Routing Numbers?

This is the number that you need to tell your bank so they can be in the account if you want them to. The routing number is a series of digits, numbers, and letters that every bank has. This allows other banks and organizations to transfer money from one place to another. Basically, it tells them where the money should go. But some banks do not have the same routing numbers which are made up of a unique nine digit code. So how does one find out about Citibank routing number? One easy way is to call their customer service line and ask for their business banking department.

How to Contact Citibank for More Information

Founded in 1812, Citibank is one of the leading banks in the United States. The company provides a variety of banking services to customers and has a network of more than 2,600 branches worldwide. In an effort to keep up with its large customer base, Citibank offers two types of bank accounts for personal use: a checking account and a savings account. One option for locating your Citibank routing number is contacting the customer service department by phone, email or chat.

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