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Wells Fargo Routing Number – Find Yours Here

Wells Fargo Routing Number – In order to access your Wells Fargo account, you’ll need to have the correct Wells Fargo Routing Number and Account Number. This will allow you to check your balance, transfer funds, or make payments on any Wells Fargo account – even if you are using an ATM or credit card machine that doesn’t offer online bill pay options or mobile deposit capabilities. You’ll also be able to use this information when doing business with other financial institutions that require your Wells Fargo routing number.

What Is Wells Fargo Bank Routing Numbers?

Routing numbers, also known as ABA numbers, are unique codes that all banks in the US are assigned by the American Bankers Association (ABA). All banks use these nine digits to sort and process transactions through an automated electronic system. Wells Fargo bank routing number consist of a two-digit category code followed by a five-digit bank identification number e.g 121000248. These bank routing numbers are used in financial transactions including direct deposits, check deposits, wire transfers and even credit card payments.

Why Do I Need A Wells Fargo Routing Number?

Have you ever forgotten your Wells Fargo routing number? I’m sure we all have. That’s why it’s good to know where to find it, just in case. And if you’ve not yet signed up for online banking with Wells Fargo, make sure you visit their site before you get started. You’ll need a user ID and password as well as a valid email address to set up an account.
The last thing you want is to be in the middle of some important transaction and then realize that you can’t finish because you don’t have access to your account information. Once you’re logged in, there are plenty of ways to find your Wells Fargo routing number. One option is to click on the home button at the top left corner of the screen and then scroll down until you see about me. Next, scroll down again until you see details. Underneath this tab are links such as account settings, which will take you right to the page with your routing number.

Wells Fargo Routing Number For All States

Everyone who has a Wells Fargo account is eligible to find their routing number, which is a ten-digit number. The routing number can be found on the bottom of any checks you receive and it should be printed in black or blue ink. The first two digits of the routing number correspond to the Federal Reserve Bank while the last eight digits are linked to your account. You may use this information to electronically transfer funds through Wells Fargo with other banks. It will also help you confirm that a check is valid if it has been sent from your bank. Additionally, see the list of Wells Fargo routing numbers for all US states  below.

US States Wells Fargo routing number
Wells Fargo Alabama
Wells Fargo Arkansas
Wells Fargo Connecticut
Wells Fargo Florida
Wells Fargo Idaho
Wells Fargo Iowa
Wells Fargo Louisiana
Wells Fargo Massachusetts
Wells Fargo Mississippi
Wells Fargo Nebraska
Wells Fargo New Jersey
Wells Fargo North Carolina
Wells Fargo Oklahoma
Wells Fargo Rhode Island
Wells Fargo Tennessee
Wells Fargo Utah
Wells Fargo Washington
Wells Fargo Wyoming

How Do I Find My Wells Fargo Routing number?

Wondering how to find your Wells Fargo routing number? Easily locate it on the bottom of your ATM or Debit Card. Once you have located it, you can put it in the appropriate field below and access the Wells Fargo website. If you do not see your state, click State Not Listed. When you find your city, use the Directions link on the right-hand side of the page for more detailed instructions.

Then enter the nine digit routing number that is on the bottom of your card (but omit any spaces), followed by a space, then enter all zeros (0) as your routing number.
· Click Continue again
· You will now be asked for an Account Password. Type in any four digits without spaces followed by a space at the end before clicking Submit. Note: this password is temporary and only used during this session so that no one else has access to your account while viewing balances and recent transactions. Please note that if you forget your password, there is no way to retrieve it other than through customer service. The following information may help answer any questions you may have about using our online banking system: · Review the Security Tips and Warnings before proceeding further
· A menu with different options will come up when logged in; select Accounts & Services from the menu bar on top
· Scroll down and select View All Accounts from the dropdown list
· Under Basic Balance Information you can view current account balance along with last five transactions made to this account. Under Recent Transactions you can view a complete history of every transaction ever made against this account

What’s Wells Fargo Routing Numbers for Wire Transfers?

Routing numbers for wire transfers are used by financial institutions and other parties to complete wire transfers. Banks use a routing number to identify the financial institution handling the sending and receiving of wire transfer transactions. If you’re looking for Wells Fargo’s routing number, here it is The Wells Fargo bank routing number is 121000248, which can be found on any letter that Wells Fargo sends out. All of the letters from Wells Fargo will have this number on them, so if you want to do some research about whether or not your account has been compromised, then simply look at the back of one of your letters from the bank.

Wells Fargo Routing Number on Your Check

The routing number is one of the more difficult numbers to find on a check. It can be found in a few different places, so you may need to look at both the bottom and left side of your check for it. The first place to look is just below your name and account number at the bottom center of the check. There should be five digits that appear under the words account #. Next, check the left-hand corner of your check near where it reads payable through or payable by. There should also be five digits there as well. If you have any questions about what these numbers mean, give us a call at 1-800-869-3557 and we’ll be happy to help!

What’s Wells Fargo Line of Credit Routing Numbers

A Wells Fargo Line of Credit will give you the flexibility and security to handle unexpected expenses with your own funds. But before you start, you’ll need to know your Wells Fargo Routing Number. Luckily, finding it is easier than you think!
You can find your routing number in one of two ways:

(1) by logging into your Wells Fargo Online Banking account; or

(2) by contacting customer service at 1-800-869-3557.

Wells Fargo SWIFT code For International Transfer

SWIFT code stands for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. This is an international system that most major banks and lenders use to send and receive information about money transfers between themselves and other international financial institutions. To transfer funds, you need a Wells Fargo SWIFT code for your recipient bank in order to provide your own bank with the information needed to complete the transaction. You also need to know their SWIFT code if you are looking for Wells Fargo SWIFT codes For International Transfer (WFBIUS6S). There are several places online where you can find these.
You can find this routing number by searching Wells Fargo on Google, or by checking out their website which lists all of the necessary information (including address and phone number). If you would like to get more information  please click to visit the Wells Fargo Routing Number webpage