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US Bank Routing Number – How To Find It

US Bank Routing Number – Before you make any kind of online purchase from your US Bank Account, you’ll need to know your US Bank Routing Number so you can send money to the seller or merchant account. Check out this quick guide on how to find your US Bank Routing Number so you don’t have any problems purchasing anything on the internet, even if it’s an item that costs less than $1,000. Note that your US Bank Routing Number will be different from the nine-digit number listed on the front of your debit card and on monthly statements from your bank.

What is a US Bank Routing Number?

A US bank routing number is a nine-digit number that assists in the processing of electronic transactions from one institution to another. The routing number is used by banks to process ACH (Automated Clearing House) or wire transfers for their customers. Along with an account number, this nine-digit code identifies the beneficiary’s bank in both the sending and receiving transaction so that money can be sent safely and securely between accounts.

When Do I Need my US Bank Routing Number?

You’ll need your US bank routing number if you’re transferring funds from your US bank account to another U.S. bank account or withdrawing cash from a US ATM. You’ll also need it if you want to transfer funds between two different banks in your own country using SWIFT, which is the global network of banks that allow international wire transfers and foreign exchange settlements among themselves on behalf of their customers. Most international wire transfers require the recipient’s routing number because SWIFT needs to identify both ends of the transaction and route money accordingly.
If you need to make an international wire transfer, it’s important to know where your bank sends funds to. The first step is determining your US bank routing number. With that information, you can look up how to send funds internationally with your bank’s preferred method (usually this involves filling out an online form). When looking for the routing number, visit the website of your local branch or call customer service so they can tell you what it is over the phone. You should also be able to find this information on any checks issued by US bank!

Finding Your US Bank Routing Number

Before making a purchase with your US Bank account, make sure you know the routing number associated with your account. Your routing number will always be 9 digits long and will appear in the form of XXXX-XXXXXX. For example, if you are trying to make a purchase from a website that is not from US Bank and you have their business name and phone number on file, then you can call the company and ask them for the routing number needed for that specific purchase. The easiest way to find your US Bank routing number, however, is by logging into your online banking profile or using one of the mobile apps for both iPhone and Android.

Viewing your Routing Number on US Bank website

Visit US Bank’s website to Checkout Your US Bank Routing Number. The title has your and routing to make it clear that you need your own routing number and not someone else’s. Once you visit the website, Click Personal Account Details, which is on the top of the menu, then select Check Account Details. On this page there will be a section called Account Details. There is a box with the word, Banking Information to the right of it. In this box, click Routing next to Routing Number. You should see a long string of numbers and letters in the space that appears. That is your account number! If you don’t see it or know what you’re looking for, contact US Bank customer service or use their online chat system.

US Bank Routing Numbers for Wire Transfers

If you want to make a wire transfer, your bank will likely need you to fill out a W9 for the recipient of the funds. In order to find your US Bank routing number (and/or account number), login to your US bank account online and click on Funds Transfers in the My Accounts section. You should be able to see your full routing and account numbers listed here. Alternatively, you can call up customer service and ask them to look it up for you. They will most likely ask for your account or debit card number first so they can verify that you are authorized to view this information.

US Bank Routing Numbers By States

If you need to find your US Bank routing number, it is easy. Your routing number will have a 9-digit number in addition to 2 sets of letters. In the United States, your routing number by default has 9 digits and is comprised of 4 sets of 2 letter abbreviations. The first set of letters are what identifies the bank name and their location. The second set specifies whether the account belongs to a company or an individual, along with its location If you need to find your US Bank routing number, it is easy. Your routing number will have a 9-digit number in addition to 2 sets of letters. In the United States, your routing number by default has 9 digits and is comprised of 4 sets of 2 letter abbreviations.

Below shows that U.S. Bank has dozens of routing numbers, each identifying different regions where they operate. So your routing number will correspond to the region in which you opened your bank account. View the full list of all US bank routing number by states and regions below.

State Routing number













California – Northern






California – Southern






Colorado – Aspen*






Colorado – all other areas












Illinois – Northern






Illinois – Southern












Iowa – Council Bluffs






Iowa – Council Bluffs












Kentucky – Northern






Kentucky – Western






Minnesota – East Grand Forks*






Minnesota – Moorhead






Minnesota – all other areas












Missouri – Western












Nebraska (+ Council Bluffs, IA)












New Mexico






North Carolina






North Dakota (+ Moorhead, MN)






Ohio – Cleveland






Ohio – all other areas












South Dakota




































All other states





NOTE – *Aspen/East Grand Forks: If you are a business owner with a cash management account, use the statewide bank routing numbers.

Finding US Bank Routing Number in Text Messages

When you open the Messages app on your iPhone, if you scroll to the bottom of the screen, you’ll see an option that says Add someone. Tap this and enter their phone number. Then type $# (without quotes) into the text field that appears and tap Done. You should see a second text message arrive in your inbox with their bank routing number (unless they have an account with Bank of America).

For more information please click to visit the US bank Routing Number webpage