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What’s PNC Bank Cashier’s Check Deposit Fees

What are PNC Bank Cashier’s Check Deposit Fees – PNC Bank Cashier’s Check Deposit Fees are charged when depositing a cashier’s check from this bank into your bank account at PNC Bank.

These fees apply to both personal and business accounts and range from $7 to $10, depending on the value of the check. Before you deposit the check, make sure you know what PNC Bank Cashier’s Check Deposit Fees you’ll have to pay so you aren’t hit with any surprise charges down the road.

What’s PNC Bank Charge Cashier’s Check

A PNC cashier’s check is popularly used to buy large ticket items that are too expensive for the buyer to send a personal check.

When the cashier’s check has been cashed by the recipient, you will receive your funds back from the bank that issued the cashier’s check. Most banks will charge a fee for cashing checks.

While you can’t avoid paying the fee, you may be able to find another way to make it worth your while. For example, PNC bank might offer other services such as bill pay and ATMs that are free for checking account holders and serve as an incentive for them to maintain their account balances.

PNC Bank Fees For Cashier’s Check Deposits

Finding the PNC Bank cashier’s check deposit fees is difficult to do as the company does not post them on its website. However, you can find out what they are by reaching out to their customer service line or by contacting one of their branches.

PNC Bank charges a $10 fee per Cashier’s check deposited online. This fee is typically charged varies depending on which bank you’re using and whether you’re paying by credit card or in person, but most other banks don’t charge more than $15-20 to accept a payment made via cashier’s check.

How To Order a PNC Bank Cashier’s Check?

To order a cashier’s check you will need to contact a PNC bank local branch location or PNC mailing center, they will take it from there and process your request. If you need additional assistance with this process, call the PNC bank customer care line.

How To Avoid Fees When Depositing PNC Bank Cashier’s Checks?

You can avoid PNC Bank Cashier’s Check Deposit Fees firstly, if you have a PNC bank account, deposit the check there at any of their local branches and also make sure to use a PNC ATM to deposit the check.

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