First Bank Virtual Card In Nigeria

How To Get First Bank Virtual Card In Nigeria – If you’re into online shopping and want to enjoy the benefit of credit card facilities, then First Bank Virtual Card In Nigeria is all you need as it allows you to do all your online purchases with ease and safety.

What Is a Virtual Card

A virtual card is an electronic money that is available for instant withdrawal without waiting for a physical plastic card to be delivered. It can be used to make online purchases and withdraw funds from your account remotely. The card can also be used in any ATM machine in Nigeria or abroad irrespective of whether the bank it belongs to has a branch at that location or not. As long as the ATM Machine accepts Visa or MasterCard, you will be able to access your bank account via a virtual card in any ATM machine in Nigeria.

To Get First Bank Virtual Card In Nigeria, you just need to apply and get it from First Bank Nigeria by following some simple steps below.

Step 1: Log into your First Bank Online Account

First, you will need to log into your First bank online account. Once you’re in, go to Apply. From there, select the Virtual Card tab and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 2: Click on the First Bank Customer Self-Care Option

You can get your first bank virtual card in Nigeria by clicking on the First Bank Customer Self Care Option after login into your First bank online account.

Step 3: Provide the details asked for on the page

After clicking on the first bank self-care option, This will lead you to the appropriate page where you would enter your email address, desired username, and password. After this, a key will be sent to your email inbox. This key is important as it ensures that when making payments for any products or services on the internet, only you have access to them and no one else.

Note that your bank account can be hacked because the private keys are stored centrally and most Nigerians use their ATM cards in order to carry out transactions without the need of visiting the bank. People always give out their PINs and these PINs can be seen or intercepted by either looking at someone inputting it or through malware on people’s devices like computers, cell phones, and tablets as well as skimming devices attached to ATM machines to read your PIN when you’re entering it.

Step 4: Select the Virtual/Prepaid ATM Services Option

To get a first bank virtual card in Nigeria, you will need to make your request online or in person. Online services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can be accessed by downloading the First Bank Mobile App or accessing the website using any internet-connected device.

If you would like to make your request over the phone call our Contact Centre. You may be required to pay an activation fee and deposit for any requested services on your virtual card depending on their type. The activation fee may vary from N200 excluding VAT.

Step 5: Click on Submit button to finish making the request

It is important that you fill in all required fields (ID document number, contact details, etc) in order to proceed with your submission. If it’s accepted, you will receive your Virtual Card with its associated PIN number through email within a day. Please ensure that all details on the account registration form are correct before submitting it and please bear in mind that incorrect or incomplete information could lead to the rejection of your application.

For more information please click to visit the First Bank Virtual Card In Nigeria webpage