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How To Cancel Your Credit Card Online In 5 Minutes or Less!

How To Cancel Your Credit Card Online In 5 Minutes or Less! – Are you looking to cancel your credit card?

Has it been a while since you opened the account and don’t think you’ll need it again? Don’t just close the account, cancel it!

There are many benefits to canceling your credit card, some of which include improved credit, and reduced risk of fraud or identity theft.

Follow these simple instructions to cancel your credit card online in 5 minutes or less!

Go to the bank’s website

There are many reasons why a person might want to cancel their credit card. Whether it’s because you lost it, you’re moving to a country that doesn’t accept your card, or you just don’t need it anymore, there are steps in the process that will help you.

Log in using your user ID and password

How to cancel your credit card online in five minutes or less!
1) Go to your financial institution’s website.

2) Log on to the link in the top right corner of the website, and enter your username (usually all lowercase letters) and password.

3) Click on Account Services from the left-hand menu bar to locate the credit card you want to cancel.

Search for your credit card

It’s easy to do, and you can do it in just a few minutes. On the website of your credit card issuer, look for a link that says Cancel my account. You might have to scroll down a bit before you see it. Once you find it, click on it and follow the instructions to close your account.

Scroll to Credit Cards Section

Scroll down to select Account Services from the dropdown menu in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Select Cancel Credit Card from the next screen. Follow the prompts to enter your card number and expiration date, as well as your security code if prompted. You should then receive a confirmation email verifying that your card has been canceled.

Credit Card Cancellation Done!

Check your email for a notification from your card issuer confirming that you have successfully canceled your credit card online!

Destroy your Old Credit Card After Cancelation

The best way to keep your credit card information safe after card cancellation is to destroy it. You’ll want to shred, cut, melt, burn, or do anything else you can think of that will render the card useless.

Many people recommend cutting the card into tiny pieces and then throwing it away in an outside trashcan.

If you’re worried about identity theft but don’t want to destroy the card, at least put a hole in it so you can put a string through it and wear it as a necklace. Some banks may require you to show ID before canceling your card, which is why destroying it may be better.

Quick Summary Of How To Cancel Your Credit Card Online In 5 Minutes or Less!

Follow the instructions below and get your credit card canceled today.
1) Log on to your account, go to Profile > Account Settings > Payment Cards > Manage Cards and select the one you want to cancel.
2) Confirm which card you want to cancel by selecting it from the list of cards on the left side of the screen.
3) Click Delete Card from My Account at the bottom of the page, then confirm the deletion by clicking Yes, delete this card from my account.
4) You’re all set! The credit card will now be deleted from your profile and cannot be used for online purchases any longer.

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