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Here’s How to Find a Glowing Name for Your Beauty Company

Here’s How to Find a Glowing Name for Your Beauty Company – Usually, when potential customers consider purchasing a product or using a beauty business’s services, a question that often comes to mind is, “Why did I choose this brand over the competition?” And if you don’t answer that question quickly, they’ll start reconsidering their position as your clients.

Customers tend to look for a convincing reason before making a purchase. So giving your company a unique, engaging, and captivating name is a simple way to encourage potential clients to buy from you. 

Though choosing a great name for your company or product is quite challenging. Fortunately, we’re here to show you exactly how to get unique business name ideas and select a name that accurately describes your company.

Let’s get started.

Three Steps to Selecting the Best Beauty Business Name

  • Comprehend the Brand of Your Beauty Business

The personality of your brand and the goods and services it offers are the most crucial aspect of your business because it affects how people will remember your brand. 

As a result, while establishing your company’s name, your brand should be the most important consideration, along with how it should seem, its values, tone, and the feelings it should create in clients. 

Consider the beauty business name Urban Decay. What emotions does the term suggest to you? It conveys a modern, daring, peculiar tone to us, which works really well for a company wanting to stand out as strong and bold.

Using the same name for a conventional beauty firm with a different brand identity and values would be inappropriate since it wouldn’t perfectly convey the brand by showing who they are.

  • Begin Developing Potential Brand Names

Start taking notes of names that fit your brand’s description, tone, and values. Having a naming team would make the process easier, but doing it alone isn’t so bad. 

Concentrate on creating as many short and unique business names as possible that express the nature of your organization. Remember that judging the words you come up with during a brainstorming session will only interrupt your creative flow.

Consider utilizing one of the following naming tools to help simplify the process:

  • Thesaurus
  • Visual names related to colors
  • Beauty industry slangs
  • Rhymes

Try to come up with at least 200 potential names that are short, straightforward, and engaging. It doesn’t matter if these words are unusual or abstract; you won’t know their real potential unless you review them. 

Remember, gathering many names while brainstorming will provide you with a broader selection of possible choices to explore as we move on to the next phase and start filtering the beauty business name ideas we’ve found.

  • Check and Validate Your Ideas

It’s time to cut down the bulk of name ideas you generated. You can do this simply by confirming if it matches your company’s values and brand.

If it sounds nice when spoken, doesn’t have a negative meaning in a different language, and makes you and your team happy, then this name should be considered one of your top picks.

These checks would reduce your name options by a lot. Then you can proceed to validate the rest.

Validating your chosen business name is the easiest way to determine whether it’s compatible with your company.

To pick the best name for your beauty business, ensure your top choice meets some simple validation requirements. 

Begin by:

  • Obtaining Feedback From the Customers: This is the most important test since it will tell whether or not the name will capture the attention of your target customers. Make a list of the names in your top tip and invite your audience to vote for their favorite.

You could also seek candid feedback from close friends, relatives, or even absolute strangers.

  • Checking if it has a ‘.com’ domain available: Businesses with unique names cannot succeed in this competitive industry unless they have an exact match domain name and a splendid website. Make sure any name you consider has a ‘.com’ domain name and easily accessible social media profiles.
  • Trademarking: By registering your business name as a trademark with the USPTO, you could escape many problems later in your business’s life. This is because a large number of common terms already have some form of trademark protection, and utilizing them could well result in legal consequences.

The trademark registration procedure can be difficult and time-consuming for new business owners. So don’t put off seeking the advice of a knowledgeable trademark attorney.


Your company’s name is a valuable asset that will help it outperform your competitors in terms of revenue, performance, and recognition. If you want to draw in new clients, you must create a brand name that effectively portrays the spirit of your beauty business.

Grant Polachek is the head of branding for, 3X Inc 5000 startup and disruptive naming agency. Squadhelp has reviewed more than 1 million names and curated a collection of the best available names on the web today. We are also the world’s leading crowdsource naming platform, supporting clients from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies.