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  1. emeka emeka July 12, 2014

    Ples I want. Manual for kola nut business

    • Ojo Ojo Post author | July 13, 2014

      call 08037191728

  2. kelvin kelvin August 8, 2014

    How can i get the manual for export and import busisness in Nigeria.. and how does it work

  3. kusimo Olasunkanmi kusimo Olasunkanmi August 27, 2014

    I want to start small scale biz in Nigeria.
    With what and how?

    • Ojo Ojo Post author | August 28, 2014

      check contact us above and call me

  4. ibrahim ibrahim August 28, 2014

    i will appreciate if you link me up with foreign buyer of bitter kola nut.


  5. obinna obinna October 17, 2014

    I want proposal document/manual letter to apply for cleaning contracts/jobs in government agencies,companieas & individual homes/offices for my cleaning services company.


    Connect me with a plantain buyers, who I can be supplying in large quantities.

  7. Kelechi Kelechi March 10, 2015

    Please a need a manual on bitter Kola nut buyers in Europe,America.How do I get it?

    • 080oyokosunday070 080oyokosunday070 Post author | March 11, 2015

      For details call 08037191728

  8. uzo chioma uzo chioma March 25, 2015

    I want to start a small scale business, but I don’t have a enough money

    • 080oyokosunday070 080oyokosunday070 Post author | March 26, 2015

      Chioma, the little money in your hand is more than enough to start any business you so desire. Just take the first step then you will understand what I’m talking about.

  9. Naija Rotate Blog Naija Rotate Blog April 3, 2015

    Please, how lucrative is palm oil selling business in south western Nigeria?

  10. Kennedy opoku kwarteng Kennedy opoku kwarteng May 9, 2015

    My dream is to establish my own private school but where and how to get funds is my problem. I your help and advice.

  11. Suleiman Suleiman June 4, 2015

    Please send me contacts of foreign buyers for Sheabutter and Natural Honet.
    Very urgent.


  12. Anonymous Anonymous June 19, 2015

    kole nut is the most expreess business in london for more detai; on you to sale your kole nut

  13. timothy timothy July 4, 2015

    pls op hw do i write an application letter for inspection of factory and production facilities to d NAFDAC office

  14. Oluwole Olusola Oluwole Olusola July 16, 2015

    link us with reliable. buyers of agricultural products

  15. mutohir fayobi mutohir fayobi August 6, 2015

    Qudos to you bro. you are doing a great job, may God be with you. Please i don’t have money to start exportation, how can i get an exporter to work for.

  16. Adelmar Adelmar August 14, 2015

    Hello editor/admin,

    I love your site guest post for review on and think it may be a fit for my marketing campaign. What kind of advertising options do you offer?

    How much do you charge for a one very relevant, do-follow, in-copy text link to a non-spammy website?

    I will give you great content. I just need to know the cheapest rate you can offer for a link inside the article I will give you.

    If your rates meet my budget, I will get back with relevant stories.


    • 080oyokosunday070 080oyokosunday070 Post author | August 14, 2015

      Hi Kelin,
      You can pay $80 per sponsored post

  17. Isaac Sylvester Isaac Sylvester August 18, 2015

    Have some agro products for export how do we get to meet so that I can pay to get more info.

  18. yau zakari yau zakari August 24, 2015

    Hello, if you really want procurement of some agricultural produces, that included: grains, cash crops and raw materials, then let have some talks. Thank you.

  19. okon lucky okon lucky September 23, 2015

    i want to know if you guy can link me up with a foreign buy of bitter kola nut i will appreciate thanks

  20. oshomah oshomah September 24, 2015

    Perfer site for news

  21. Olaidozen Olaidozen October 2, 2015

    I wanna know more about selling of used plastic containers. Please help me with more information.

  22. hammedidax hammedidax October 14, 2015

    let’s join together an help our self

  23. seller bitter leaf seller bitter leaf October 27, 2015

    dear we seller large bitter leaf – vernonia amygadalina dry i need to find buyer custormers raw bitter leaves or needles called ventricular ear an also , diabetes liver bone arthritis and big uses large number in vietnam we flanted directly 100% organic natural cleaning ,contact me :

  24. naijaname naijaname November 3, 2015

    I will like to promote on ur web

  25. Don-King Anthony Farm Ltd Don-King Anthony Farm Ltd November 17, 2015

    I have an Agro Industry where we produce all kinds of flour, garri, etc. Sachet water, Rice, crayfish, onions, ogbono, egusi, beans, banga, pepper, prawns, etc. All in Sachet and large quantity. We also produce catfish, table fish, broadstock, and hatchery as we have the best hatchery and fish ponds. DKA Farm Ltd is located in awka, Anambra. state. We need support from bank of industry to start our export programme as some companies from holland have visited us for supply of cassava flour. Thanks.

  26. Esther Olaniyi Esther Olaniyi November 17, 2015

    I love this blog. Keep doing your thing sir. Good job!

  27. Mobile Tech Base Mobile Tech Base November 22, 2015

    Nice blog, but your homepage is redirecting to the about us page? why?

  28. Muraino Muraino December 4, 2015

    I want to know where i can buy wire soap cutting table for bar and tablet soap in south west Nigeria.

  29. Borgess Darl Borgess Darl December 31, 2015

    i asked for Pictures and Quote for a complete Cassava to Garri processing plant with the Peeler, Dehydrator(Squeeze), Drier & Packaging unit inclusive. kindly oblige me your contact and Web Address so we can talk better.

  30. Matthew kayode odunayo Matthew kayode odunayo January 8, 2016

    Any one dat can’t surply me plantain sould get m on 08023997867 08094070116

  31. Naija Latest Music Naija Latest Music July 7, 2016

    I need my latest naija music to b posted on you site how will i get it in reply me

  32. ayinla alawo ayinla alawo July 28, 2016

    I need manual for exportation of charcoal

  33. Helping Hands Helping Hands August 8, 2016

    Please can you help move my wordpress blog from Xammp on my PC? I need expert help

    • 244okorovafoli874 244okorovafoli874 Post author | August 8, 2016

      If I get you right…Its like you want to move your blog from blogger to self hosted WordPress platform?
      Or want to import your XMl file into wordpress?

      If yes then call me on 08037191728

  34. Olowo Solomon Olowo Solomon September 7, 2016

    I really follow all yours capability, very interested I am Jay Jay see about to go to proposing a agro- products exportation, now I needs all what is entails for exportation especially the shea butter ,cassava,the foreign buyers address and likely the business feasibility study

  35. Vinam Investment Limited Vinam Investment Limited September 8, 2016

    Please kindly give contacts foreign buyers of cocoa and good farmented palm kernels 1million tonnes we have 900,000 tonnes of cocoa available urgently need foreign importers

  36. Vinam Investment Limited Vinam Investment Limited September 8, 2016

    Please kindly give us contacts of foreign buyers of cocoa and good palm kernel all we have in large quantity looking for buyers you may call us on 2348066167939 or email us

  37. Mehwish Noor Mehwish Noor September 10, 2016 is a nice blog to get every kind of information . it hsve a lot information about business, business news , & i get lot of information from this blog .. thanx a lot

  38. Anuses aresmelli Anuses aresmelli September 13, 2016

    Hi, how can you helping me get in on the “Home For Rent” business with you? Im wanting more infromation to making ads on craigslistings and not no how to ask for the money for the house that the peoples will never see. are you can helping me?

  39. okoro chima Williams okoro chima Williams September 13, 2016

    Please link me to people that will buy bitter cola and ginger .I have It in bags

  40. Daniel okpe ejembi Daniel okpe ejembi October 1, 2016

    I really appreciate the enlightenment of exporting of Nigeria product to europe

  41. Daniel okpe ejembi Daniel okpe ejembi October 1, 2016

    How can I get the contact address of buyer of sesame seed in Europe.

  42. Yemisi Adejoke Yemisi Adejoke October 15, 2016

    Hello sir

    Kindly connect me with Garri buyers both local and foreign. I owned a factory where I process stone free Garri.


  43. Nseobong Akpabio Nseobong Akpabio October 21, 2016

    I need this material for my Academic Research Work at the National Defence College, Nigeria

  44. Oyekola Akanmu Oyekola Akanmu October 25, 2016

    I need advice on how to export Garri to Niger Republic,pls quick response!

  45. Romanus Romanus November 29, 2016

    pls I need manual of genuine companies abroad in need of agro products in Nigeria, and how to go about it.

  46. Ayogu Dickson Ayogu Dickson December 5, 2016

    please how do I get the manual of the foreign buyers

  47. Gabriel Ladokun Gabriel Ladokun April 17, 2017

    Can you provide a manual or guide for exporting bitter kola in Nigeria today considering the recent policies. Thanks

  48. DD Harden DD Harden April 17, 2017

    How Lucrative could this be?

  49. Farooq Farooq July 11, 2017

    How do i get to export my charcoal for buyer in other country

    • 244OgeKweFoli153 244OgeKweFoli153 Post author | July 14, 2017

      call me on 08037191728


        how do i get buyers of moringa leave, moringa seed and ginga for export?

        • 244OgeKweFoli153 244OgeKweFoli153 Post author | August 3, 2017

          call 08037191728

  50. Mrs OBOH Mrs OBOH September 26, 2017


    Kindly advise on how to get foreign buyers of ginger and direct source to get the ginger cheap for exportation.


  51. blessing blessing October 13, 2017

    I have in large quantities kernel oil(ude aki )for 07038240543

  52. Godwin Food Processing Company Godwin Food Processing Company May 3, 2020

    I like this your blogs but my question goes like this…is any soft or hardware for this your starting business in potato chips and Garri business?

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