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Posts published in “Accident”

Tears As Building Collapses In Aba, Many Trapped – Photo

Sad news reaching us has that a one- storey building which is still under construction, on Wednesday morning, collapsed at Azikiwe Road Aba before Asa Road in Abia State,Nigeria Igbere TV can authoritatively report.

Our correspondent who visited the scene of the incident reports that that many people are still trapped while others that sustained serious injuries have been rushed to the hospital for medical treatment.

Moment a Train Rammed Into a Ford Bus In Oshodi – VIDEO

“A train ran into a Ford Ecoline 250 bus at the ARENA crossing, pushing it to Oshodi U-bridge.Lagos.

Onlookers causing more harm than good. Men on ground, Necessary

Python Bites Thai Teenager On His Joystick While Sitting On Toilet – VIDEO

A Thai teenager, identified as Siraphop Masukarat, has been hospitalized after a python snake bit the t!p of his p3nis as he sat on the toilet seat.The 18 year old went to the loo on Tuesday evening, when he felt an intense pain on his manh00d. As he looked down, he saw that the snake had bitten the t!p of his p3nis, with blood spurted on the toilet bowl.

Road Safety Officer Almost Lynched For Causing Terrible Accident While Chasing Motorist – VIDEO

An angry mob has descended on an official of the Federal Road Safety Corps accused of causing road accident.An official of the Federal Road Safety Corps nearly lost his life after being attacked by a mob for allegedly chasing an escaping traffic offender and in the process, causing an accident.

Lady Plunges to Her Death while Posing for Photos During an outing with her Fiancé in Kenya

A woman has died after she slipped and fell while posing for photos during a date with her fiance?.

31-year-old Dorcas Jepkemoi Chumba drowned when she fell into a dam at Chepkiit Waterfalls in Nandi County, Kenya, on Sunday, August 30

Man gets Trapped under a Tree on his Farm Land for four Days and Survived only by Eating Insects

A man has been rescued after being pinned under a tree for more than four days while cutting trees on his land in Minnesota, United States officials said.
Jonathan Ceplecha, 59, was cutting down oak trees with a chainsaw near Redwood Falls on August 27 when one fell and trapped both of his legs, Redwood County Sheriff’s Office said.

Irish Woman Left without a Forehead when her Knees Slammed into her Face in Car Crash

An Irish woman was left without a forehead for two years following a car crash where her feet were ­resting on the dashboard.Grainne Kealy’s knees were forced into her face by the car airbag that inflated under her feet after her boyfriend’s jeep hit black ice and went into a wall.

Several Boats Sink at Trump Parade on Texas Lake – Photo

A boat parade in support of United States President Donald Trump crowded Lake Travis in Texas on Saturday, generating waves and choppy waters that led at least four boats to sink and others to crash into rocks, local officials said, adding that no one was hurt.

“That was truly an exceptional number of boats,” said Kristen Dark, public information officer for the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, whose deputies patrol the lake. “Several of the boats did sink.”

Texas Woman Suffers Burns As Hand Sanitiser Explodes As She Lights Candle – VIDEO

Information reaching us has it that a Mum-of-three Kate Wise suffered second and third degree burns all over her body, including her entire face, her hands, and even her legs and feet

A mum has suffered horrific burns all over her body after a bottle of hand sanitiser caught fire and exploded while she was lighting a candle.