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Small scale bakery business setup in Nigeria


Do you know that bakery or bread making is a very profitable business in Nigeria?

Bakery Business Setup In Nigeria

Demand for Bread

Bread is one of the staple foods largely consumed by many Nigerians on a daily basis (morning, after noon and evening), the reason is that bread is a fast food which can be eaten directly or combined with other foods like tea, beans and beans cake.

Make your Money work for you

Get inspired with these Powerful quotes for business success.

Do business with strangers as if they were brother’s and with brother’s as if they were stranger: V.
Mind your business, but keep an eye on other successful businesses V.
Be careful when you take on debt. If you take on debt personally make sure it’s small and if you take on large debt make sure someone else is paying for it: Robert T.Kiyosaki

Are you looking for profitable business ideas?

Do you know you can generate profitable business ideas from comments, questions and articles posted in some online forums like nairaland and warriors?

You said how?
But before I answer your question first, let me inform you that some people are already making cool cash with business ideas gotten from comments and articles freely posted by members of online forums.
Ok, let me answer your question now how to profitable business ideas from online forums.
You can make cool cash by extracting useful business ideas contained in people’s comments, questions and articles and then convert these ideas into writing hot selling information eBooks and special reports for sale.
Also you can use the ideas gotten from Forum discussion boards to lunch your own business and become financially free.
But, is your motive of been a member of any online forum is centered on getting information on jobs vacancies or to hear the latest gossips in town? If that is your main motive then you are missing a lot of opportunities to make money.

Quick ways to Start a Profitable Printing and Publishing Business.


Printing and publishing is a profitable business opportunity in Nigeria you can embark upon easily.

In fact you can start making millions of Naira from printing business without owning a printing press.

Printing Processes

All you need is first to acquaint your self with the step by step processes involved in printing a good job and with little or no start-up capital.

Genuine ways to make cash online with blogs.

A million and one people log on to the internet daily searching for opportunities to make cash but can not distinguish scam from genuine programs that pay real cash?

If  your desire to is to make genuine cash online, then reading this article will be of immense benefit as it will help you identify scam and expose you to genuine ways of making cash.
There are many websites and blogs advertising lots of get rich quick programs just to rip-off the hard earned money of those who are desperately looking for how to make money online.

How to Start Packaging of Raw Food Items For Sale.


The repackaging of food items on a small scale is a profitable business venture will give good return on investment.

In fact, it’s a business you will never regret why you invested your time and money because; you will surely be smiling to the bank.

Repackaging of foodstuff in Nigeria as become a big business because people can not survive without eating food on a daily bases.

Raw food business opportunities In Nigeria


Food business remains one of the surest ways of making money genuinely.

The demand for food world wide is very high which means the return on investment in agriculture and food business will also be high.

Start Soap Production Business with N10, 000 Only


Production of washing soap is a lucrative business opportunity you can start on a small scale and you are sure of making some cool cash for yourself at home with as low as N10, 000 start up capital.

Washing soaps is an essential commodity being used on a daily bases by millions of people around the world for both domestic and industrial cleaning.