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Nigeria Farmers Exported N60.5bn Goods in 3 Months – NBS

The recent statistical report released by the National Bureau of Statistics on foreign trade shows that Nigerian farmers exported goods worth N60.5billion in the third quarter of 2020.

According to NBS figures, the total trade in agricultural goods during the quarter, stood at N563.9bn.

How To Export Ugu Leaves From Nigeria

Pumpkin leaves (Ugu leaves) whose botanical name is called Telfairia occidentalis, is a green vegetable plant that’s widely consumed in Nigeria and other parts of the world due to its health benefits.
The Ugu leaves is popularly used for cooking delicious soups, Yam porrige and extract from Ugu leave when mixed with milk, egg, malt drink and Tomatoes can be used for treating some medical conditions.

How To Export Ukazi Leaves From Nigeria

Ukazi leaves botanically known as Gnetum Africanum, is a highly medicinal green vegetable plant popularly used for cooking delicious soups and other dishes in the South Eastern part of Nigeria.

Ukazi leaves is also known as Afang by the Ibibios and Efiks people of the South-South region of Nigeria, in other African countries like Cameroon it is known as eru, okok, mfumbua or fumbua, koko in Angola, Gabon and Central African Republic.

Top 10 exporters earned $74.78m in one month

Top 10 exporters earned $74.78m from export proceeds in May despite lockdown introduced by the Federal Government to contain the COVID-19 pandemic spread according to the Central bank of Nigeria.

The CBN stated this in its monthly economic report for the month of May.

It said, “Despite the lockdown measures, export proceeds of the top 10 exporters increased by 29.8 per cent to $74.78m from $57.62bn.”

Why Nigeria is losing out in agricultural export markets

Agriculture experts have identified a lack of standards and measurement as part of the reasons exporters are shunning Nigerian produce in preference for those from countries like Ghana and Cote d’lvoire.
According to them, standards and measurement give other countries an edge over Nigeria in the exports of agricultural produce, adding that for any meaningful systematic changes to occur, it is important to first change the mindset of the people (farmers).

Japan’s exports tumble as U.S. demand collapses, order books shrink

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan’s exports extended their double-digit slump into a fifth month in July as the coronavirus pandemic took a heavy toll on auto shipments to the United States, dashing hopes for a trade-led recovery from the deep recession.

Meanwhile, core machinery orders, a leading indicator of business spending, unexpectedly fell to a seven-year low in June, dashing hopes domestic demand would make up for some of the slack from sluggish global growth.

Nigeria Exports $81.48bn Electricity On Credit As Country’s Blackout Persists

According to NERC’s quarterly reports, the international customers did not make any payments in each of the four quarters of 2019.

Three neighbouring countries bought a total amount of electricity worth $81.48bn from Nigeria in the last two years, even as many households and businesses in the country continued to suffer blackout, ’FEMI ASU reports

The invoices given to the Republics of Togo, Niger and Benin for the electricity supplied to them from Nigeria in 2018 and 2019 totalled $81.48bn, an analysis of data obtained from the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission has shown.

Inside Kano Carpet Factory That Exports To USA, Bangladesh, Others

Checkout Inside Kano Carpet Factory That Exports To USA, Bangladesh, Others

Kano state has been exporting rugs and carpets to other African countries and the USA, as one the largest producers of rugs in Africa through JakKay Carpets and Rugs.

Shippers’ council plans storage charges removal on export

The Nigerian Shippers’ Council has suggested that export cargoes should not attract storage charges and should be accelerated through the terminals.

It also declared the NSC’s resolve to ensure that all terminals’ processes were fully automated and integrated with other port service providers and users before the year runs out.

Nigeria, other African oil exporters’ll lose $34bn – IMF

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is estimated to cost NigeriaHow To Obtain Export License In Nigeria. and other oil exporters in Africa a total of about $34bn in revenue.

According to the International Monetary Fund, the projected decline in revenue is attributable to the dwindling global crude oil prices.