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How 101-year-old Grandma Survived COVID-19 In Osun State

A 101-year-old grandma has been discharged from Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital, Ile-Ife, Osun State Nigeria after she recovered from COVID-19.

The grandma was on admission in a private hospital for treatment before the medical personnel of the hospital noticed she was showing some symptoms of COVID-19 like the acute onset of cough breathlessness, fever and malaria before she was transferred to OAUTHC.

Drink A Cup Of This For 7 Days Then Say Bye-Bye To Typhoid Fever

Have you ever wondered why man was the last thing God created after creating plants, animals, etc? The answer is because he knows that through all he created before a man shall man survive including herbs that shall help keep us healthy and fit.

Our forefathers understood this ideology better than us and they really exploited these herbs thereby having more incredible longevity than we in this present generation.

Eat Watermelon Seeds, These Good Things Will Happen

Watermelon is a fruit that has a very high nutritional value. Apart from being a delicious and refreshing fruit, it is highly medicinal. However, you mostly believe only the fruit is edible and are accustomed to spitting the seeds out as you eat. The nutritional value of watermelon seeds may convince you otherwise.

Watermelon seeds are one of the most nutrient-dense varieties of seeds. They are a rich source of proteins, vitamins, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, magnesium, zinc, copper, potassium and more. They are also low in calories.

Soak Guava Leaves In Hot Water For 1 Hour, Drink and See What Will Happen Next

Soak Guava Leaves In Hot Water For 1 Hour, Drink and See What Will Happen Next

Guava is a tropical fruit cultivated in many tropical and subtropical regions. It is regarded as a great fruit as it provides several health benefits. But did you know that its leaves are good for your health too? Guava leaves should not be overlooked for their countless health benefits.

In this article, I will teach you how to soak Guava leaves in a cup of hot water to cure some health issues.

The Untold Truth Of Banana Milk – Must Read

Maybe you’re lactose intolerant or just don’t like dairy milk; luckily, there are plenty of non-dairy milk alternatives to match your taste. The global non-dairy milk market is projected to reach revenues of more than $38 billion by 2024. With nearly 49 percent of people scaling back on dairy as they embrace healthier lifestyles and fill their refrigerators with milk alternatives. Today, there are lots of non-dairy options.

22-year old Woman Spends £38,000 on Plastic Surgery and she isn’t Stopping yet

A young woman has explained she has spent a massive £38,000 in two and a half years to look like a “bimbo”.Amber May, 22, an aduIt TV presenter, funded her surgeries through stripping.

Former Child Actor, Shaun Weiss looks Unrecognizable in New Photo after Drug Addiction Recovery

Former child actor, Shaun Weiss has unveiled his dramatic transformation following his drug addiction and brave recovery.The 42-year-old, who has been sober for over 200 days now also got a brand new set of teeth after his were rotted away during his drug addiction.

Nigeria Issues New Travel Protocol For China, US, Europe-bound Passengers

The Comptroller-General of Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), Muhammad Babandede, has directed all intending passengers to China, to obtain COVID-19 negative test certificate before departing for the Asian country.

They are required to take a Nucleic Acid test three days before departure with effect from September 1, 2020.