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YOU MUST READ: Say Goodbye to Pimples forever by following these 5 steps

When I first started breaking out from acne when I was 10 years old, my parents bought me all sorts of cosmetic products that promised to clear them away. Of course, nothing I used worked and by the time I became a teenager, I felt hopeless. I was made to believe that this was a natural part of growing up and that they would go away once my hormones balanced out.

Ladies, See Foods that Can Make Your Man Perform Well

We are in a generation where most ladies want things to happen just the way they want it and you are a man who can’t s@tisfy your women then you are in some serious trouble, whether you know it or not.

So, here are the stuffs that can help men live up their women’s expectations in the bedroom:

Meet Couple who Lost Combined 500 POUNDS Weight in two Years

Marriage, any good therapist will tell you, is a balancing act.

For Angela and Willie Gillis, the act is easy. They’ve been best friends for more than 10 years, married for three. Their individual strengths balance the other’s weaknesses.

The Hidden Facts About Bottled Water

See The Hidden Facts About Bottled Water below.

How much do you know about the bottled water you drink? Not nearly enough, I guess? But a new data emanating from the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a research and advocacy group in the USA has labeled some bottled water overseas un-drinkable, Nigeria inclusive.

How Milk Proteins May Help Relieve Eczema

Special proteins found in milk are being investigated by scientists to see if they can help relieve eczema.

Many people with eczema shun milk and other dairy products as they can often make the debilitating skin condition worse.

A study underway in Sydney is however investigating whether two specific milk proteins can actually help relieve the dry, itchy skin symptoms associated with eczema.

The pilot study involves giving adults with eczema a daily supplement containing the whey proteins lactoferrin and immunoglobulin.

It was devised after a separate study examining the effects of the two proteins on people with colds and flu found that participants who had eczema noticed improvements in their skin.

Health Benefits Of Lemon

Lemons can be described as the fruit with a tort and tangy taste, usually sour in taste; they can be used in food or beverages.

Unripe lemons are usually green in colour but as they mature, their colour changes to yellow. Lemons are regarded as a universally favourite fruit and an essential in every kitchen.

Japan Researchers Grows Human Kidney Tissue from Stem Cells

News from Kyoto has it that researchers in Japan said Wednesday they have succeeded in growing human kidney tissue from stem cells for the first time in a potential breakthrough for millions with damaged organs who are dependent on dialysis.
Kidneys have a complex structure that is not easily repaired once damaged, but the latest findings put scientists on the road to helping a diseased or distressed organ fix itself.
Kenji Osafune of Kyoto University said his team had managed to take stem cells — the “blank slates” capable of being programmed to become any kind of cell in the body — and nudge them specifically in the direction of kidney tissue.