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Before Buying A Cheap Laptop In Computer Village Lagos-Nigeria Consider these

The importation of fairly used and refurbished laptop computers into Nigeria from the UK, USA, China and Japan as really brought down the cost of owning a laptop computer in the country. In fact starting from N20, 000 you can purchase a fairly used laptop computer in the country.

There many brands of laptops available in the country, but the most common brand name are Dell, Compaq, Samsung, Toshiba, Acer and many more.

Most Nigerians especially the youths and some small business entrepreneurs are now able to access the internet carry search on Google and relate with friends on social media sites like facebook and twitter continuous in their own privacy.

Nigeria Postal Service Free Postal & Zip Code Generator

Need Postal Code for Nigeria States – See Them

Have you ever gotten to a point while filling some very important document online and you were required to provide the postal code for the particular city or town you reside in Nigeria and you didn’t know exactly what code to fill in?

If yes, then be rest assured it will not happen again because in this article you will discover how to generate postal code free of charge for the particular area you live in the country.

Lagos State New Vehicle Number Plate Online Registration Process (Nigeria)

The Lagos state government of Nigeria yesterday lunched the proposed new vehicle number plates with digital security features in Lagos. The Lagos state commissioner for works and transport cited the move as a step towards curbing the recent security challenges in Nigeria.

But there are some controversy trailing the issuance of new vehicle number plates in the country. Just last week the National Assembly gave a directive stopping the Federal road safety commission of Nigeria from issuing any new vehicle number plates in the country saying it was unconstitutional for the commission to do so.`

But, I must commend the Lagos state government of Nigeria for taken a bold step towards preventing crime in the state, because the data collected from this registration will go a long way to provide adequate information for security agents to prosecute any body whose vehicle got involved in crime.