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How To Obtain Export License In Nigeria.


Before you start any export business in Nigeria, it is advisable you obtain a licence from relevant government agencies saddled with the issuance of licences to exporters.

Having a licence allows you to legally carry out shipment of commodities approved by government.
There are two government agencies vested with the power to grant export licences in Nigeria. They are: The Nigeria Export promotion council (NPEC) and Federal Ministry of Solid minerals development.

NEPC is saddled with the responsibility of issuing out export licences for agricultural commodities and manufactured goods while the Federal Ministry of Solid Minerals Development is responsible for granting licences for extraction and exportation in Nigeria.

How to Start a Profitable GSM handset Repair Business in Nigeria.


Apart from the ease at which people now communicate freely with one another in Nigeria, the introduction of affordable GSM mobile phone lines into Nigeria, undoubtedly has brought lots of economic benefits to the ordinary people on the street.


The usage of GSM phones has indeed opened up income generation opportunities for Nigerians through printing of recharge cards, sales of recharge cards, SMS short code business, bulk SMS business, phone call business, sales and repairs of handsets.

Discover How to Make money from Commodity Export Business in Nigeria.

It will shock you to hear that majority of Nigerians are still not aware of the money making opportunities that exist in the export of agricultural commodities

In spite of the numerous sensitization programs being organized by the Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC)

Really, exporting agricultural produce like Bitter Kola, Ginger and Cashew, Charcoal from Nigeria is very lucrative and any entrepreneur who takes advantage of this opportunity will be making a wise investment decision. You are sure to make thousands or even millions of Naira as income on monthly basis.

How to make N14, 000 weekly selling Charcoal locally in Nigeria.

It will shock you to hear that some of those women you see in your neighborhood selling charcoal to mallams (Suya meat seller) and operators of food joints make at least N50, 000 monthly from charcoal business here in Nigeria.

Selling Charcoal in Nigeria is profitable and you can start the business with a capital of N13, 000. You don’t need to rent a shop; you can simply use the free space at the front of your house to display the charcoal.
Sourcing your charcoal is not difficult, you can get charcoal to buy from either people who go to the forest to purchase from producer’s charcoal in large quantity or you go to the bush to buy directly from people produces charcoal. But buying from these producers is lower in price but they will not sell to you unless you want to buy a truck load which contains about 130 bags of charcoal.

Generate Income through Liquid Cold Water Starch Production


Making liquid cold water starch and selling it to operators of laundry and dry cleaning business, is one profitable business opportunity in Nigeria that can generate steady and continuous income to investors.

You can start a small scale liquid cold water starch production business at home with a start up capital of just N15, 000 and be sure to make some cool N80, 000 monthly incomes.

Start Export Brokerage Business without capital in Nigeria.


Do you know you too can earn reasonable amount of income when you start a home base export brokerage business? 

Some individuals who are into export brokerage business in Nigeria make millions secretly right in the comfort of their homes, just by connecting local exporters with foreign buyers of solid minerals and agricultural commodities.

Demand for Exports

Undoubtedly, Nigeria have a high comparative advantage in the over many countries as far the production of cocoa, cassava, yam tubers, snails, Ginger, bitter kola, Arabic gum, Charcoal and other natural resources are concerned. As such, lots of manufacturing companies in Countries like the USA, Germany, UK, China, France, Japan and India have started looking towards Nigeria to source for cheap export of industrial raw materials for the manufacturing of finished goods.

How to make Liquid Soap at Home and Generate Quick Cash.


Have you ever at any point in time consider how things will look like hygienically if, there were no soaps for you to take bath, wash clothes and clean our homes?


Dirty and smelling you said! Yes, you are very correct.

How to Start a Small Scale Livestock Feeds Production Business in Nigeria


Food is very important to the survival of not just human beings alone but to animals as well.

Animals need food to survive but they are also a source we human beings get our protein intake. The modern livestock farming system in Nigeria unlike the traditional farming systems requires that poultry birds, fish, and other domestic animals be kept in an enclosure where they can be adequately feed with formulated food for proper nourishment.