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How to Start Property Business

lot of people think and have this believe that, you must have millions of Naira to start property business in Nigeria. This is not true!…

How to Acquire Trouble Free Property for Business In Lagos Nigeria.

How to Acquire Property for Business In Lagos Nigeria

Acquiring landed property such as land for building a factory or an Office building for your business in Lagos Nigeria can be very discouraging, especially if you don’t know the processes and procedures involved in buying, leasing and letting out of land and buildings.
Due to Ignorance, a lot of private individuals and business men while trying to acquire some properties for business have lost huge sums of money to dubious land speculators, estate agents and some area boys who let out, lease or sold lands and buildings that turned out to be problematic.
Therefore, if you must rent an office space, lease or buy land and other landed property in

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