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How to Make Money Trading Gift Cards in Nigeria

How to Make Money Trading Gift Cards in Nigeria – You have probably heard of how people make money buying and selling gift cards online, but what you may not know is that the same opportunities exist right here in Nigeria! In this guide, I will show you step-by-step how to make money trading gift cards and increase your income by thousands of Naira each month! So how do you get started? Let’s find out!

How to Start Transport Business, Even if you Don’t Own a Trailer (Haulage)


Inadequate transportation has being a major hindrance to the rapid development of Nigeria. One daily basis, farmers and manufacturers go through stress moving farm produce and finished goods from one part of Nigeria to the other all because of poor transportation system.

Although, the federal Government of Nigeria has being making concerted effort towards reviving the rail transport system in the country but all to no avail.

How to make 100percent profits selling Bulk SMS (Nigeria)

The use of bulk SMS is one cheap and effective means of sending information to a large number of people at once through their GSM phones in Nigeria. I never knew how effective sending bulk SMS is until recently when I started using it to send information to the GSM phones of my numerous clients. In fact sending Bulk SMS has really helped in directing huge traffic to my blog NaijaBizCom and also increased the sales of my information products. 

Agricultural Commodities Supply Business Opportunities in Nigeria


The high cost of sourcing foreign exchange for raw materials importation currently being experienced by manufacturers in Nigeria have created a fast money making opportunities for indigenous producers and supplies of agricultural commodities in the country.

Many beverages, fruit juice, animal feeds, soaps and detergents production companies in Nigeria now make use of

agricultural commodities as local substitutes for imported raw materials.

How to Generate Quick Cash at Home by Producing Plantain Chips with Little Capital


Plantain chips production is one the easiest business you can start in Nigeria if you want to generate quick cash right at home.


The reasons why plantain production business is easy to setup is because plantain chips is a snacks widely eaten by all, the start up capital requirement is low, you don’t need to rent a shop and plantain is readily available in the country especially in the south/middle belt regions of Nigeria.

How to generate 3million Naira Annually thorough printing paper cutting Business in Nigeria.

Printing Paper Cutting Business in Nigeria


I don’t know how conversant you are with the huge money making opportunities that printing and publishing business in Nigeria can offer.


Well, I did take some time out of my busy schedule to investigate the many opportunities that are present in printing and publishing business in Nigeria and I discovered that majority of printing press in Lagos (the hub of printing business in Nigeria),operate on small scale and most of them don’t have sections where bond paper can be cut to various sizes before and after printing jobs are completed for customers. 

Photography Business in Nigeria-How to start making huge Income on weekly basis

The first time I heard this statement Nigerians are the happiest people in the world I was surprised. Then I asked myself, is it because Nigerians are so wealthy economically or what are the reasons?

  Photography Business in Nigeria  – How to start making huge Income on weekly basis

Make N130, 000 monthly with Actron Auto diagnostic scanners in Nigeria


Majority of cars in Nigeria today are imported from Europe and America. These are electronic and computerized configured vehicles (automatic), that require the use of auto diagnostic scanners to detect faults when ever one arises.

 Actron Auto diagnostic scanners in Nigeria

Without the aid of an auto scanner repair work cant be carried out by any mechanic. This singular reason has incapacitated most mechanics in Nigeria because they were only trained on how to repair vehicles that are operated manually.