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How To Start Dried Grounded Pepper Packaging Business

Are you looking for how to make more money to cushion the current hardship caused by covid-19 lockdown and economic recession in Nigeria?

If YES, then please continue reading this post till the end, because in it you will discover how to start a dried grounded Pepper packaging business in Nigeria and make cool cash selling it locally and for export.

How to Generate Quick Cash at Home by Producing Plantain Chips with Little Capital


Plantain chips production is one the easiest business you can start in Nigeria if you want to generate quick cash right at home.


The reasons why plantain production business is easy to setup is because plantain chips is a snacks widely eaten by all, the start up capital requirement is low, you don’t need to rent a shop and plantain is readily available in the country especially in the south/middle belt regions of Nigeria.

Make N200,000 monthly Profits Producing Ice Block in Nigeria.


Make N200,000 monthly Profits Producing Ice Block in Nigeria ……Do you know some smart investors are making huge profits from the ever increasing demand for ice block in Nigeria? The high demand for Ice block is due to the hot climatic weather condition in Nigeria and the inadequate power supply from PHCN.

Ice block is water in its solid state. It is produced when water is fed into some containers/nylon bags and then packed into an Ice block making machine for some hours to solidify. Ice blocks can also be produced with the aid of some chemicals, this type of Ice block is known as anti-freeze ice.

Producing Ice Block in Nigeria